Fat Freezing

The best-known and best-accredited brand of fat freezing is CoolSculpting. The process involves chilling a chunk of body fat until it is nearly frozen sounds a bizarre way to reduce it, but doing this kills 20-40 per cent of fat cells in the treated area. The dead cells are slowly excreted by the body over the next three months after which the full result of treatment can be seen.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Medium
Cost from: £750
Recovery time: More than 3 days

Where is fat freezing used for:

Under the chin, at the backs of the arms, the stomach, the ‘love handles’ on the flanks, the inner thighs.

How does fat freezing work:

A special treatment head is fitted over the area to be treated (with a sheet of protective material, and gel, to stop the frozen tissue sticking to the treatment head), then this fatty tissue is vacuumed into the treatment head then super-cooled to 4 deg C, at which point many of the fat cells within the tissue become crystallised and die. The device is then removed and the ‘frozen’ area of fat is then firmly massaged to improve removal of fat. This frozen area gradually thaws, and the dead fat cells within it are gradually removed by the body’s lymphatic system. For treating under the chin, the ‘Coolmini’ device is used and usually two treatment cycles are needed one under each jaw.

How long does fat freezing take:

The freezing part takes 25 minutes, so an appointment is around 45 minutes.

Pain level:

Low to medium. The start of the freezing cycle is painful, until the fatty tissue becomes numb, and the massaging of frozen fat is very painful, but brief. Some people find the treated area of fat is painful as it thaws, and for up to two weeks afterwards.


None needed


20-40 per cent of the treated area of fat is removed by each treatment cycle – results vary from patient to patient.

Lasts for:

Permanently. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they are gone.

After treatment/down time:

The treated area will look swollen and feel tender for a few days, and it will take it a day or so to thaw, so it will look strange.

Things to bear in mind:

The treated area may end up looking bruised, and this bruising can last for some time. A small percentage of patients experience pain in the treated area for a week or two after treatment.

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Fat Freezing