A glow-boosting, face-sculpting and skin-strengthening facial which is very gentle, so it is a great one for sensitive skins. A jet of pressurised oxygen mixed with a series of hydrating serums is sprayed over the skin, and that’s about it. It sounds like nothing but that jet, used like a contouring tool, has a lymph-draining effect that sculpts cheekbones and jawline, while the hydrating serum gives the skin radiance. Very effective.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: None
Cost from: £200
Recovery time: None

What is Intraceuticals?

The main serum that is used is a low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid serum; ‘low molecular weight’ means its molecules are really small, so that they can sink more readily into the skin, rather than sitting on the surface. Then you can have an acne-calming serum or a skin-brightening serum, or another hyaluronic acid with a larger molecular weight layered on top… The idea behind the jet of oxygen is that it is meant to push the serums more firmly into the skin and also delivers a face-sculpting lymphatic drainage massage at the same time.

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