Laser Facial

The term ‘laser facial’ is a bit vague but what it means is a treatment that involves an element of lightweight lasering. So it is not as heavy duty (nor as painful, nor as effective) as a proper session of clinical lasering, but it will brighten the look of your skin and give you an idea of what lasers can do.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Medium
Cost from: £60
Recovery time: 1-3 Days

Where is a laser facial used for:

Face, neck, hands, decolletage

How does a laser facial work:

The type of laser often used for this kind of treatment is an ND: Yag which gently heats the skin tissues. It it not enough to produce deep skin remodelling or resurfacing in one go, but it is enough to brighten the skin and give a small degree of tightening.

How long does a laser facial take:

15-30 minutes

Pain level:



None needed


A visible brightening and a small degree of tightening of the skin.

Lasts for:

Two weeks.

After treatment:

You’ll look normal but better – there’s no downtime.

Things to bear in mind:

You need a course of treatments to see the best effects.

Related Concerns:

Laser Facial can help you with these concerns:

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Laser Facial