Laser Skin Rejuvenation

A laser uses a precisely focussed beam of light to generate heat within the skin, or burn away the surface skin. For resurfacing the skin, practitioners usually use a fractional laser which fires its beam through a grid of tiny holes, so that rather than burning away all the skin in its path, it creates a series of vertical channels of damage in the skin. Where the skin has been damaged, it will repair itself, creating new, fresher skin in the process, and the fractions of skin that remain untouched between these channels enable that repair to happen quickly. This repair procress creates smoother, fresher, clearer, tighter skin with more even pigmentation.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Medium
Cost from: £700
Recovery time: More than 3 days

Where is laser skin rejuvenation used for:

Wherever it is needed on the face, the neck, the decolletage or the backs of the hands

How does laser skin rejuvenation work:

The laser is fired through a grid of tiny holes, and burns minute channels into the skin. This stimulates the wound-healing response in the skin, releasing growth factors that produce more collage and elastin and better hydration in the skin, so that new skin grows through fresher, smoother and less pigmented than before.

How long does laser skin rejuvenation take:

20-30 minutes

Pain level:

Medium to high, depending on the intensity used.


Numbing cream


Fresher, smoother, clearer, tighter skin

Lasts for:

A year, depending on how well you protect your newly resurfaced skin from ultraviolet light.

After treatment/down time:

Depending on the extent and intensity of the treatment, your face may feel tight and dry and look red – as it would with a sunburn- for several days, after which it will feel rough as the skin destroyed by the laser is gradually shed. You should avoid the sun for at least two weeks after laser treatment and be scrupulous with UV protection creams.

Things to bear in mind:

Problems with laser treatment arise from over-treatment, which can burn the skin and lead to issues with pigmentation. Make sure your chosen practitioner has plenty of experience in performing the treatment before you sign up.


Related Concerns:

Laser Skin Rejuvenation can help you with these concerns:

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