LED Blue Light Therapy

The LED lights used for this treatment are a high grade version of the sort you find in fairy lights; LED lights are graded, in the way that diamonds are graded, and the best-quality ones make the best devices. Blue LED light feels like a non-treatment but has been shown by clinical studies to denature the acne bacteria, P acnes, so it can reduce the inflammation of acne breakouts. It’s good for everyone, and suits even the most sensitive skins as all it involves is lying down under a canopy of lights.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Low
Cost from: £90
Recovery time: None

Where is led blue light therapy used:

Face, neck, decolletage, hands.

How does led blue light therapy work:

Blue LED light has the ability to reduce the severity of acne breakouts. It does this by denaturing the acne bacteria which is driving the inflammation in each spot on the skin. It won’t be able to stop spots from forming in the first place, since that process is probably being started at a deeper, hormonal level, but it will reduce breakouts that are already showing up on the skin.

How long does led blue light therapy take:

20 minutes

Pain level:

None, it’s very comfortable


You need to do a course of sessions regularly in order to get the best results – probably three times a week, for two weeks.

Lasts for:

A while. It’s hard to give specifics as it all depends on the severity of the acne.

After treatment/down time:

No down time.

Things to bear in mind:

No drawbacks, apart from the need for repeated treatments to get best results.

Related Concerns:

LED Blue Light Therapy can help you with these concerns:

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