LED Red Light Therapy

The LED lights used for this treatment are a high grade version of the sort you find in fairy lights; LED lights are graded, in the way that diamonds are graded, and the best-quality ones make the best devices. Red LED light feels like a non-treatment but has been shown by clinical studies to promote collagen growth and make skin healthier, smoother and more radiant. It’s good for everyone, and suits even the most sensitive skins as all it involves is lying down under a canopy of lights.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: None
Cost from: £40
Recovery time: None

Where is led red light therapy used:

Face, neck, decolletage, hands.

How does led red light therapy work:

Red light tricks the body into thinking that there has been damage within the skin. The skin then releases growth factors to repair this damage, which stimulates collagen growth, which leads to smoother, younger-looking skin. It also has a calming, anti-inflammatory action on the skin so is good to use after other procedures. Many light canopies also deliver (invisible) near infra-red light at the same time, which penetrates more deeply into the body, and can help stimulate bone growth as well as reviving skin tissues and having a calming effect on the nervous system.

How long does led red light therapy take:

10-20 minutes

Pain level:

None, it’s very comfortable




You might look a little clearer-skinned afterwards but there is no huge change; this is a slow-build treatment which needs regular appointments to get the best results.

Lasts for:

If you do a course of treatment as recommended by your practitioner, those results will go on improving for 8-12 weeks after you complete the course.

After treatment/down time:

No down time.

Things to bear in mind:

No drawbacks, apart from the need for repeated treatments to get best results.

Related Concerns:

LED Red Light Therapy can help you with these concerns:

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