Lip Fillers

Lip injections are pretty straightforward. First, your chosen practitioner assesses your lips and discusses your concerns: What is it about your lips that bothers you? Are you looking for bigger lips? Or better defined lips? Or both? Or simply more hydration in your lips? You and your practitioner then decide on a treatment plan.

If you are contemplating lip fillers, please read the Staying Safe page on this site, just to keep yourself up to speed with why you need to choose a good, competent, safe practitioner to do your treatment.

Tweakment Details

Needles: Yes
Pain level: Medium
Cost from: £400
Recovery time: 1-3 Days

What are Lip Fillers?

For the actual treatment, our practitioner will take a very fine needle and a syringe of an appropriate filler and inject the filler into your lips. Depending on their preferred technique, they may make a series of tiny injections along the border of the lips to put the product in place, and again in the fleshy part of the lip, or they may slide the needle into the lip border and the whole way along to the cupid’s bow, then gradually pull it back to where they started, injecting a tiny line of product along the border as they go.

Or they could use a cannula (which is like a blunt needle) to ease its way along under the skin of your lips, distributing the product as they move it along.

The lips are soft and flexible, so you need a filler that will sit happily within them, and you’re best off with a hyaluronic acid filler designed for the lip area, such as Juvederm’s Volbella, Restylane’s Kysse or Lyps, or Teoxane’s Kiss. Once in the lip, the filler will integrate with the lip tissue and hold onto moisture, because that’s what hyaluronic acid does, and this will provide the extra plumpness in your lips.

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PMD Kiss lip plumping system

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Lip Fillers