No-needle Lip Booster

This is a mini lip tweakment, which only takes five minutes and will only give a temporary enhancement to the lips. It is popular as a pre-party lip booster, because it is guaranteed that there will be no needle marks or bruises.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Medium
Cost from: £65
Recovery time: 1 Day

Where is it used for:

The lips

How does it work:

The treatment uses a pen-shaped device which is attached to the Hydrafacial machine, to offer a special lip treatment. It does this by vacuuming up a chunk of the lip and giving it a quick mechanical exfoliation at the same time as soaking it in a solution of lip-plumping ingredients including wheat proteins and peppermint oil. The suction makes the lips swell, and the plumping solution enhances this effect.

How long does it take:

Five minutes

Pain level:





Lips look fresh, well hydrated and plumper than before.

Lasts for:

The main effect lasts for a day. The manufacturers say if you carry on using the plumping solution, the effect will last for a couple of weeks.

After treatment:

You will look normal, with gently enhanced lips.

Things to bear in mind:

This is a quick fix and does not offer lasting effects.

Related Concerns:

No-needle Lip Booster can help you with these concerns:

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