Plexr/Plasma Treatment


What is Plexr/Plasma Treatments?

The Plexr plasma device is used to vaporise tiny pin-prick-sized holes in the skin, without damaging surrounding skin or muscle. This results in a superficial burn-like injury to the skin, which creates new collagen to tighten the area and give a smooth, even result.
As well as lifting the skin on hooded eyes, Plexr can also be used on the lower eyelids, to lift and tighten wrinkled eye bags.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Medium
Cost from: £600
Recovery time: More than 3 days

Where is it used:

  • The lower eyelids, to lift and tighten wrinkled eye bags.
  • Lifts the skin on hooded eyes.
  • How does Plexr work:

    The machine ionises gases in the air to create a small electrical spark similar to a tiny lightning bolt, which vaporises a minute patch of the skin. When you watch it being done, the tip of the wireless, pen-like device is a small metal prong that appears to be zapping the skin with these miniature lightning bolts.
    Each zap leaves a small burn mark and causes an instant tightening in the skin. The technique is to create a pattern of these little marks along a crease of excess skin, which is what gives the instant shrinking effect.

    How long does Plexr take to work:

    30 minutes to treat both eyes, a couple of hours for the anaesthetic to wear off. It takes roughly 10 days for the scabs to fall off and the healing to subside.

    Pain level:



    Anaesthetic cream is used to numb the area.


    Up to three treatments needed for success. The result is smoother and less crepe-y under eyes.

    Lasts for:

    The effects are permanent, although the skin will continue to age in a normal way.

    After treatment/down time:

    Take ibuprofen where necessary and avoid rubbing the area. You should be given a medical grade foundation to protect the site from sunlight exposure. Do not exfoliate the area for a week, or until the area has entirely healed.

    Things to bear in mind:

    There is potential for scarring if the skin is overtreated and burned.

    The Plexr device can only be used by trained medical specialists; even so, if you’re interested in this, look for a practitioner who has as much experience as possible with the technique. Because it is basically creating burns on the skin, there is the potential for scarring with each of those tiny lightning-bolt marks; and because three rounds of treatment are advised for the maximum result, that’s potentially a lot of scarring.

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