Radiofrequency Facial

Radiofrequency energy is a technology that can create heat within skin, and this heat causes the collagen to contract, believe it is damaged, and create new collagen to repair the damage. The amount of energy used in a Radiofrequency facial such as the Venus Freeze will be much less than that used in a clinical treatment, but it is enough to create a small but noticeable amount of tightening in the skin, and this will be more pronounced after repeated sessions.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Low
Cost from: £120
Recovery time: 1 Day

Where is Radio Frequency Facial used for:

The face, the neck and the decolletage.

How does Radio Frequency Facial work:

Radiofrequency waves produce energy at a lower frequency than laser. This means that whereas laser energy acts right on the surface of the skin, radiofrequency energy can penetrate the skin a little and create heating – and collagen contraction and remodelling – without having to burn its way through from the surface. In a radiofrequency facial such as Venus Freeze, a device is used which gradually heats up the skin to 39 degrees C, at which point the collagen starts to shrink.

The Venus Freeze treatment reviewed in The Tweakments Guide book is widely available and uses Multipolar Radiofrequency energy in conjunction with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF). While the radiofrequency energy gradually increases the heat within the skin, the PEMF encourages the formation of new blood vessels, which can supply oxygen and nutrients to the skin, to help build new collagen within the skin.

How long does Radio Frequency Facial take:

15-40 minutes, depending on the extent of the area being treated

Pain level:

Low-to-medium. As long as the treatment head is kept moving swiftly, the heat feels more like a hot stone massage than a  ‘procedure’.


None needed


A small but pleasing instant lifting and tightening of the face, along with glowing skin. You’ll see the best results from a course of treatment.

Lasts for:

A week or two.

After treatment:

No downtime needed.

Things to bear in mind:

To get the best effects will take a course of treatment.

Related Concerns:

Radiofrequency Facial can help you with these concerns:

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Radiofrequency Facial