Skin Peeling Facial

This sort of treatment – such as the iS Clinical Fire & Ice facial – involves a small amount of pampering, in the form of skin cleansing and massage, but is mostly about the effects – first an exfoliating glycolic peel, and then a soothing, cooling and hydrating mask, to calm down the skin. The result is clearer-looking, more radiant and better hydrated skin.

Tweakment Details

Needles: No
Pain level: Low
Cost from: £120
Recovery time: None

Where is Skin Peeling Facial Treatment used ON:

The face. Could also be used on the neck and decolletage.

How does Skin Peeling Facial Treatment work:

Whichever peeling solution is used (usually glycolic, in facials), it is painted onto the skin and works by dissolving the bonds that hold the outermost dead skin cells onto the skin’s surface. These dead cells can then be wiped away, and the skin will look smoother, and also will be more receptive to products that are subsequently used on it.

How long does Skin Peeling Facial Treatment take:

Up to an hour.

Pain level:

Low. The peel may tingle, and that tingling may become intense, but if it feels too much, all you have to do is tell your practitioner that that is enough, and they will instantly neutralise it.


None needed


Brighter, smoother, more radiant skin.

Lasts for:

A week.

After treatment:

You should look healthy and normal

Things to bear in mind:

The peels that are part of facials are usually just a light dose of peeling – so if you are looking for pigment-clearing effects, you will need to do a course of treatments.

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Skin Peel Facial