Thread Lifting

Physically lifting the sagging tissues of the face through the placement of long, dissolveable sutures, each threaded through the skin tissues with a large needle, then pulled tight (there are cones along the sutures that hold the skin tissues in their new, lifted position). It  sounds barbaric but this process is increasingly popular for providing an instant, non-surgical face lift that improves the contours of the face and tightens up a softening jawline.

Tweakment Details

Needles: Yes
Pain level: Medium
Cost from: £1500
Recovery time: 1-3 Days

Where is Thread Lifting used for:

Mostly in the mid-face, in the neck and also in the forehead.

How does Thread Lifting work:

The practitioner makes a small hole in the skin just above and in front of the ear, then from this point, works three or four ‘threads’ in a fan shape down across the skin of the cheek. Once these threads are in place, they are pulled together and tightened from the entry point, and so gather up and lift the skin. As they are pulled, the cones or smooth barbs on the threads lodge in the skin tissues, to hold the face in its new position. That’s what creates the lift, and the presence of the threads in the skin stimulates new collagen production over the next three months during which time the threads themselves dissolve.

How long does Thread Lifting take:

Less than an hour

Pain level:



Numbing cream


Instant lifting and tightening of the skin.

Lasts for:

Meant to last for 18 months.

After treatment:

The face may be a little swollen and tender for a day or two.

Things to bear in mind:

Whether the lifting effect lasts for 18 months, and whether thread lifts are a good idea is still hotly debated. If you fancy trying this, find a practitioner who does a lot of them, because they should have the expertise to give you a good result.

Related Concerns:

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