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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers (also known as ‘injectable face fillers’) are injectable gels made of high-density molecules which add volume or structure to the site where they are injected. They are one of the riskiest tweakments to get if you don’t go to a trusted practitioner due to the complete lack of regulation around the products in the UK. However, when used properly and safely, they can work wonders in reshaping and revolumising areas of the face.

POSTS ON Dermal Fillers

How Much do Tweakments Hurt? Here’s the 0-10 Pain Scale

After my article about whether tweakments need to hurt in order to be effective (No Pain No Gain?), some of you have asked how much, on a scale of one to 10, some tweakments hurt compared to others… so here’s The Tweakments Pain Scale. At which point, I’d also just like to add that there … Continue reading “How Much do Tweakments Hurt? Here’s the 0-10 Pain Scale”

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Tweakments – No Pain No Gain?

Do tweakments need to hurt in order to give you a result? It’s a popular belief among the tweakment-curious, in line with the old adage that you have to suffer to be beautiful but here’s the good news: it’s not true. Or not always true. Also, practitioners are very focussed on making any treatment as … Continue reading “Tweakments – No Pain No Gain?”

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What To Do If Your Tweakment Goes Wrong

Getting any cosmetic tweakment can be an exciting experience, but tweakments are also medical procedures, meaning they can have side effects, ranging from mild to life-changing complications. That’s why you should always approach them with due consideration; ensure you see a recommended and well-trained practitioner; and know exactly what to do if your tweakment does go … Continue reading “What To Do If Your Tweakment Goes Wrong”

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The tweakments I’m choosing now I’m 60

Which tweakments work best for the older face? I’ve been writing recently about tweakments for anyone over 60 for the Hello magazine aesthetics guide, and I’ve had a bunch of questions about which procedures I’m personally sticking with, taking up, or giving up. First, the ones I’m defining staying with… Wrinkle-relaxing toxin, to soften frown … Continue reading “The tweakments I’m choosing now I’m 60”

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