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Altrient-C Liposomal Vitamin C

High-strength, liposomal vitamin C supplement


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Vitamin C is key both to general health and to your skin but taking high doses can be a quick route to an upset stomach. Altrient has patented a way to wrap it in liposomes so it isn’t shredded by stomach acids but makes it to the gut where up to 98% is absorbed (compared to 10-20% for an average vitamin C). This product also features in my new Delivery Club.

I trialled this for the Times with very impressive results – I saw a 22.8% improvement in the collagen levels, 30.2% in hydration and 64.3% in skin elasticity. I now take this every day. Here’s a link to my Altrient story on my blog...

CATEGORY: Supplements

SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types and Dry Skin



The right sort of high-strength vitamin C supplements can work wonders for the skin, improving its hydration, its elasticity and its ability to build collagen. This is a ‘liposomal’ supplement, where the vitamin C is encased in small fatty particles called liposomes, which get it safely through the stomach and into the gut, where 98 per cent of each 1,000mg dose is absorbed.

Research by the brand has shown impressive results in improving the skin, and when, two years ago, I trialled this form of vitamin C for a story for the Times newspaper, I too saw brilliant results, which pushed up my collagen levels (up 22.8%) plus my skin’s hydration (up 30.2%) and its elasticity (up 64.3%). Here’s a link to my Altrient story on my blog... The trial results were measured on my face, but of course you can see the effects all over the body. I find it really helps with dry, scaly shins and elbows, too.

  • New research shows Altrient C makes skin up to 61% firmer* (report)
  • Many times more powerful than other non-liposomal oral forms of Vitamin C
  • It is more ‘bioavailable’ than other vitamin C supplements. Because the vitamin C is encapsulated in small fatty particles called liposomes, it passes through the stomach without either upsetting the stomach, or being shredded by the stomach acids. Once in the gut, 98% of it is absorbed
  • High potency Vitamin C also offers benefits where you need it most, to your cells

Rip open the sachet and squeeze the contents into a small amount of water in a glass. Swill the orange gel around to make sure it is not sticking to the glass, then gulp it all down in one go.

That’s it.

Ideally, take this on an empty stomach, though if you take it after a meal, it’s not the end of the world, it will all be absorbed, just more slowly.

Just wait 15 minutes before you have a hot drink, because anything too hot (eg tea, coffee, hot soup) may make the vitamin C ineffective.

The packaging on the boxes says that you should only take one sachet per day. It is perfectly safe to take more – there is no known toxic dose of vitamin C, so if you want to take five a day, that it between you and your budget.

For the trial, I took three sachets a day, for three months, as this was the protocol which had been found to give the maximum results for the skin. The trial found that after three months, there was no additional benefit to be gained from taking more than two sachets a day, so since then, I have reduced my intake to one or two sachets a day.

But you don’t have to take that many. One sachet a day can give you the same improvements, though more slowly.

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Alice answers your question. Want to ask Alice a question? Pop it in here and check back in a few days for the answer.

Hope you can answer me, I have very dehydrated skin so am thinking of Profhilo injections. Some websites say that it is only suitable for the lower face and the forehead area won't be affected. Others say it will work for the entire face?

Hi, Profhilo and all the other injectable moisturisers are great for dry skin, and they work wherever they're injected – though if your skin is really dry, you may need more treatment than average in order to see results. The injection protocol that is taught for Profhilo only involves injections in the mid and lower face, but most expert practitioners now take a more creative approach and place the product where they feel it is most needed, which can include the forehead and the area beside the eyes. If your skin is really dry, it's also worth packing in the hydration in your skincare, with a gentle cleanser, a hydrating serum and a...

What would be your recommendation for a 38-year-old starting to show signs of ageing? Dark circles, fine lines and general lacklustre, dull skin.

I'm very keen on a supporting skin from within with appropriate supplements. My favourite three are a liposomal vitamin C called Altrient C, Totally Derma collagen drink, and OG omega-3 supplements which all benefit the skin in different ways. Tweakments-wise, a round or two of an injectable moisturiser treatment might help boost your skin condition and skin strength and amplify the effects you get from skincare and supplements....

Can I stop taking my Rejuvenated Collagen Shot now I have started taking Altrient vitamin C? Do they both do the same thing collagen-wise or am I best to carry on taking both daily?

Hi, you could and see how it goes, though it will take a few months before you can tell the difference. I take both Totally Derma collagen drink and Altrient C every day because they stimulate collagen production in the skin in different ways, and after discussing this with researchers who look in to the detail of supplements and still take both, I haven't dared to stop!

I am taking collagen powder and Altrient C along with probiotic tablets. I am unsure whether it is ok to take all together or should I take them separately throughout the day? What gives the best results or does it not matter?

For the collagen and vitamin C it really doesn't matter too much. Sticklers for precision would prefer that you took the Altrient C on an empty stomach (for faster absorption) and the collagen in the evening, but the key thing is just to take them, your body will work out what to do with them. Re the probiotics, I don't know which brand you're taking, but see whether there is any specific advice about when to take them (e.g. with food/ before meals) on the packet.

Zooki have a collagen supplement - is this liposomal delivery better than Totally Derma? Would it be an overload to take the two? Or shall I just stick with Totally Derma? Thanks. Cath x

Hi Cath, I don't know if Zooki's collagen supplement contains liposomes – the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that Zooki's Vitamin C didn't contain liposomes in November 2021, so they have been changing their claims since then, and the same may apply to their collagen. Totally Derma is fab and it's all you need for collagen supplementation, though I back it up with Altrient C which has a proven liposomal delivery system and which boosts collagen production by a different mechanism....

I’ve been taking Altrient C 3 x daily and it really works the snag is I can’t afford to continue. I could manage 1 x daily but would that have no effect? Any advice would be gratefully received

Hi, so glad to hear that Altrient C works for you, too, and yes, absolutely, you will still see results on 1 x sachet a day. Taking three doses daily for three months is the way to get the maximum results most quickly - that was the regime I followed when trialling the product, because that was the protocol for Atrient's own trial with the product. But that trial found that after three months, there was no additional benefit to the skin of taking three a day so you might as well take two a day as a maintenance dose. One of my friends has only ever taken one a day but found that was plenty to strengthen her skin and help heal the cracked...