There are more practitioners offering tweakments than ever before – so whom do you trust? The practitioners I have listed below are the ones I would trust to perform tweakments on me personally. In many cases that’s because they’ve treated me before. Others have either treated a fellow expert whose opinion I trust or passed the stringent requirements of a specialised certification board such as BCAM.

Many of these practitioners aren’t the cheapest, but that’s because they’re the best. Like any procedure, tweakments can go wrong if poorly performed – so it’s well worth paying more for quality care.


Dr Kuldeep Minocha

Dr. Kuldeep Minocha, MD is one of the most in-demand aesthetic doctors in London with a stellar reputation amongst clients from across the world. Skilled in...

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Dr Raj Thethi

Dr Raj Thethi MBChB BSc(Hons) MRSCed is an experienced and highly knowledgeable aesthetic doctor based near Leeds. He runs the Yorkshire Skin Centre, which won...

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Dr Elisabeth Dancey

Dr Elisabeth Dancey trained in the UK, France and Belgium and was one of the founders of cosmetic medicine in the UK (1993). She introduced mesotherapy and...

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Mr David Gateley

Mr David Gateley FRCS is one of the UK's leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons with over 30 years' experience. He dovetails his surgical practice with...

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Dr Ashwin Soni

Dr Ashwin Soni is a fully qualified, GMC registered, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. As the Founder of The Soni Clinic, Dr Soni offers both surgical and...

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Microneedling Facial
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
Radiofrequency Facial


EMSCULPT® at Thérapie Clinic

For my latest Tweak of the Week, I went to the Thérapie Clinic to try EMSCULPT®. This is a muscle-building tweakment which has its roots in physiotherapy treatments used to rebuild athletes’ damaged muscles, and it uses high intensity focused electro magnetic waves of energy to achieve ‘supramaximal’ contractions in your muscles. That means making … Continue reading “EMSCULPT® at Thérapie Clinic”

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Morpheus8 with Linda Lusardi at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

  Morpheus8 is a brand of radiofrequency microneedling, and it’s the tweakment that everyone wants to know about just now. Why? Because this device, which combines the well-known skin-smoothing-and-tightening benefits of microneedling with the ‘shrink-wrapping’ effects of radiofrequency energy, has gained a reputation for delivering impressive improvements in skin texture, strength and quality (this is … Continue reading “Morpheus8 with Linda Lusardi at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic”

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Buttock Enhancement with Lanluma

Tweakments to boost the shape of the bottom have never been more popular – but so far the options have been limited. Lanluma is a revolutionary new collagen-stimulating injectable product for body sculpting, which produces particularly good results in the buttocks.

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MaiLi: A New Injectable Hyaluronic Acid with Smart Spring Technology

Here’s an injectable filler made with hyaluronic acid which promises to deliver not just great volume and definition, but impressive elasticity, too. With most hyaluronic acid fillers, there is a trade-off between how much definition a product can give, and how elastic and stretchable it is.

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Endolift Facial Tightening with Professor Ali Ghanem

Endolift is billed as a minimally invasive alternative to a lower facelift
As Professor Ghanem points out, one of the reasons that our faces sag as we age is that the skin loses its firmness and resilience, and becomes loose on our faces. Endolift offers a non-surgical alternative, by using a laser to heat-treat the collagen within the skin — from the inside. The device is attached to an optical fibre, finer than a human hair, which can be slipped underneath the skin. In the video, Professor Ghanem treats the skin below my eyes (I’m wearing protective intra-ocular shields, which is why my eyes are green) and the skin on my lower cheeks and jawline.

This video is sponsored by The Cranley Clinic

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