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Totally Derma Tub

Collagen Boosting Skin Drink


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Collagen supplements help improve the skin from the inside out. This is my favourite as I have seen great results from it and because it contains a patented bovine collagen, which is closer, biochemically, to human collagen than the marine collagen used by most competitors. It is supported by 2 convincing clinical studies showing that the key ingredients are well absorbed and that it reduces wrinkling, improves skin firmness, smoothness and hydration. It also helps hair, nails and joints and the entire body at the cellular level. This product also features in my Delivery Club.

It’s a powder which you mix up in a glass of water. It tastes sweet-ish (maybe a bit of vanilla?). This is a month’s supply. You need to take it for 2-3 months to see results.

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This nutritional skin supplement helps improve the skin from the inside out. It has two small but convincing clinical studies demonstrating the key ingredients are well absorbed and show up in the skin and that it reduces wrinkling, improves skin firmness, smoothness and hydration as well as helping hair, nails and joints. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my nails since I started taking it, (and I notice the difference in my joints if I stop taking it).

• It’s a powder which you mix up in a glass of water. It tastes fine – the new formula is sugar-free and has a light vanilla flavour.
• Each daily dose gives you 10,000mg of hydrolysed collagen (bovine collagen, which is closer, biochemically, to human collagen than marine collagen), which helps support collagen production in the skin – plus 210mg of hyaluronic acid, to improve skin hydration.
• This is a month’s supply and you need to take it for 2-3 months to see results. When you do you’ll probably find that, like me, you want to carry on taking it.


Just mix one scoop (daily) with added 250 ml water or juice, smoothie or yoghurt to repair, rejuvenate and replenish the skin and body.

360g – 30 servings per tub

Arthred® Collagen peptide (Amino Acid Composition: Glycine 2260 mg, Proline 1535mg, Hydroxyproline 1090 mg, GlutamicAcid 1045 mg, Alanine 890mg, Arginine 815mg, Aspartic Acid 625mg, Isoleucine and Leucine 460mg, Lysine 335mg, Serine 325mg, Valine 300mg, Histidine 190mg, Phenylalanine 190mg, Threonine 190mg, Hydroxylysine 100 mg, Methionine 90mg and Tyrosine 80mg), Maltodextrin DE18 – 19, Rain Protein Flavour – Vanilla (BF015), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C 97%), Synovoderma® Hyaluronic Acid (Food) 90%, Grape Seed Extract 120:1 – 95% Proanthocyanidins 90% Polyphenols (Grapeseed), Green Tea Extract 20:1 19% ECGC (50% Polyphenol NLT), Silicon Dioxide, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Xylitol Granular, Zinc Citrate 31.2% Dihydrate Powder, Manganese Citrate 22% Powder, CopperBis-Glycinate 29%



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  1. Totally Derma I’m only half way though first month so results yet tbd but it’s a pleasure to prepare and drink every morning so I’m hopeful for improvements in my joints and skin.

  2. Easy to take, doesn’t taste too unpleasant, take a few weeks to see results but my skin is much more hydrated and I feel my lines are less pronounced. I am just about to purchase my second tub, I am really pleased. Only downside is the rate at which I get through it!

  3. Although I have only recently started using this product, I really feel that my skin is softer already. The vanilla taste makes it very easy to drink – it isn”t too sweet! I am really looking forward to keeping up with this product.


Alice answers your question. Want to ask Alice a question? Pop it in here and check back in a few days for the answer.

Dear Alice, I’d very much appreciate your views on the Happy Mammoth Prebiotic Collagen Protein versus your recommended Totally Derma Collagen. I’m probably not the only one of your followers being targeted by their ads and know you’ll give a...

Hi, I don't know the product so I'm afraid I can't comment, but I do know that Totally Derma and other hydrolysed collagen supplements support collagen production in the skin in a very direct way – by supplying collagen fragments in a form the body can use. There are several articles and videos on the TTG website explaining why I think Totally Derma is the Rolls-Royce of collagen supplements.

Hi Alice, I wanted to ask you about marine collagen VS bovine collagen. I take Skinade and I think it helps me, however I saw your post and you mentioned something about bovine collagen being closer to human collagen? Will it help things like very...

Hello, yes, bovine collagen is derived from cows. I like the brand that I've brought into the TTG shop, Totally Derma and yes, that is bovine collagen. Either marine or bovine collagen should help your skin and hair and nails, as well as your joints. Will it help your smile lines? Hard to say, because smile lines show up more as a result of your particular facial physiology and the kinds of expressions you make (nothing wrong with smiling, we could all do with more smiling in our lives). Smile lines often become more noticeable as we age because our faces lose volume, so the skin sags forwards and down, hence the smile lines....

Hope you can answer me, I have very dehydrated skin so am thinking of Profhilo injections. Some websites say that it is only suitable for the lower face and the forehead area won't be affected. Others say it will work for the entire face?

Hi, Profhilo and all the other injectable moisturisers are great for dry skin, and they work wherever they're injected – though if your skin is really dry, you may need more treatment than average in order to see results. The injection protocol that is taught for Profhilo only involves injections in the mid and lower face, but most expert practitioners now take a more creative approach and place the product where they feel it is most needed, which can include the forehead and the area beside the eyes. If your skin is really dry, it's also worth packing in the hydration in your skincare, with a gentle cleanser, a hydrating serum and a...

What no one has been able to explain to me is why collagen isn’t treated like any other ingested protein and proteolysis doesn’t take place. I.e. protease breaks the collagen into basis’ amino acids?

Hi, you're basically asking how collagen supplements do what they claim to do. As I understand it, protein in the diet is broken down by the stomach acids into long-chain amino acids, whereas the hydrolysed collagen in collagen supplements is broken down into short-chain amino acids that the body recognises and knows what to do with. Plus, the presence of more of collagen in the body prompts our bodies to create more of its own. Totally Derma has tested this to show that the product not only makes it through the stomach but shows up in the skin,...

What would be your recommendation for a 38-year-old starting to show signs of ageing? Dark circles, fine lines and general lacklustre, dull skin.

I'm very keen on a supporting skin from within with appropriate supplements. My favourite three are a liposomal vitamin C called Altrient C, Totally Derma collagen drink, and OG omega-3 supplements which all benefit the skin in different ways. Tweakments-wise, a round or two of an injectable moisturiser treatment might help boost your skin condition and skin strength and amplify the effects you get from skincare and supplements....

I am taking collagen powder and Altrient C along with probiotic tablets. I am unsure whether it is ok to take all together or should I take them separately throughout the day? What gives the best results or does it not matter?

For the collagen and vitamin C it really doesn't matter too much. Sticklers for precision would prefer that you took the Altrient C on an empty stomach (for faster absorption) and the collagen in the evening, but the key thing is just to take them, your body will work out what to do with them. Re the probiotics, I don't know which brand you're taking, but see whether there is any specific advice about when to take them (e.g. with food/ before meals) on the packet.

Zooki have a collagen supplement - is this liposomal delivery better than Totally Derma? Would it be an overload to take the two? Or shall I just stick with Totally Derma? Thanks. Cath x

Hi Cath, I don't know if Zooki's collagen supplement contains liposomes – the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that Zooki's Vitamin C didn't contain liposomes in November 2021, so they have been changing their claims since then, and the same may apply to their collagen. Totally Derma is fab and it's all you need for collagen supplementation, though I back it up with Altrient C which has a proven liposomal delivery system and which boosts collagen production by a different mechanism....

I have just bought the Nuchido Time plus supplements and wished to know if collagen tablets can also be taken alongside this or are Nuchido supplement enough

Hi, yes you can take collagen tablets alongside Nuchdio Time + every day. I do!

I follow a low carb keto diet, does the Totally Derma collagen drink have added sugars?

No. Totally Derma was reformulated in 2020 to remove the sugar it contained. Instead, it now uses sugar substitute xylitol for better palatability, so you'll be fine.


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