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About Alice Hart-Davis

Alice Hart-Davis is an award-winning beauty journalist and author. She has reported on skincare and tweakments for 20 years and has tried countless products and procedures in order to review them. To keep up with developments in both fields she attends conferences around the world (or used to, pre-2020) and spends much of her time catching up with the practitioners, dermatologists, formulators and brands behind these fast-expanding technologies and the latest products.

Over the years Alice has tried out an unfeasible number of ‘miracle creams’, latest facials and cosmetic procedures in order to write about them. Apart from all the jokes about how someone has to do this tough job, doing this has helped her to understand, at first hand as well as in theory, what really works when it comes to skincare and tweakments.

She has had many amazing treatments, but has seen — and experienced first-hand — plenty of bad treatments, and understands the many problems that beset the aesthetic medical industry, from the lack of regulation to the rising incidence of body dysmorphia among cosmetic patients and practitioners.

Despite this, she remains an advocate of good, understated cosmetic work — the sort which goes undetected and unremarked, because it doesn’t lead to weird-looking hamster cheeks or frozen foreheads. She is also still enthusiastic about the potential of tweakments for making people look that bit better, which in turn makes them feel better about themselves and better able to get on with the rest of their lives.

She is also more convinced than ever that a proper skincare routine, however simple, is fundamental both to skin health, and to looking healthy.

Alice lives in London, a short bicycle ride from Harley Street, with her husband and a lively Jack Russell terrier and, whenever they’re home, her three young adult children.

Awards include:

  • 2004: Fellowship for British Hairdressing: Journalist of the Year
  • 2008: Johnson & Johnson Beauty Awards: Journalist of the Year
  • 2010: Procter & Gamble Beauty & Grooming Awards: Best Beauty Journalist of a Monthly Consumer Glossy
  • 2012: Cosmetic Executive Women (UK) Achiever Award
  • 2013: Johnson & Johnson Beauty Awards: Service to Industry Award
  • 2013: SLA Information Book Award Children’s Choice Overall Winner

Now, Alice is mainly involved with judging awards in the skincare, dental, hair and aesthetics spaces.


Alice has written beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle features for many publications, from national newspapers (The Times, the Telegraph, the Daily MailThe Observer, The Express, The Sun) and glossy magazines (Woman & Home, GQ, Red, Elle, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, The London Magazine and Reader’s Digest) to specialist titles such as Newsweek Europe, Brummell, Expert Beauty and Salt, and websites including the Huffington Post and Healthista.com.

You can find some of the articles Alice has written online or through the links above.



This book is for everyone who has looked in the mirror and wondered what a tweakment might do to freshen up their looks. Discover what tweakments are and what they can do from the expert who has tried them all.

Alice Hart-Davis, beauty journalist and blogger, has been reporting on the fast-moving world of aesthetics and has compiled this guide to help you cut through the confusion and establish the facts about tweakments. Which are the best tweakments for wrinkles or pigmentation? What can skincare do to help? Which home-use beauty gadgets are worth their weight in gold? And how can you find a great practitioner with plenty of experience? The Tweakments Guide has all the answers.


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