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SkinStorm is all about improving the skin through a multi-layered, mechanical treatment.



Written by: Becki Murray

Reviewed by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

SkinStorm is all about improving the skin through a multi-layered, mechanical treatment – think of it as an advanced facial on steroids.

It’s made by Crystal Clear, a brand best known for its microdermabrasion and microneedling machines, found in high-end salons throughout the UK. Each of the six technologies in the treatment have been chosen to bring about real change to the skin, improving the visible appearance of concerns and improving its function on a deeper level.

Price Range

Around £150


Deeply cleansing, firming, hydrating, gently tackles pigmentation


‘Needle-free filler’ element temporarily plumps skin

Lasts for

2 weeks

Treatment Time

1 hour

Any Anaesthesia




Why We Recommend SkinStorm

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

SkinStorm brings together effective, high-tech modalities for a does-it-all facial treatment that works on skin above and below the surface. I tried it, and despite all that needling, peeling and resurfacing, my skin was left super calm – there was a distinct lack of redness (what we call erythema) thanks to the super-cooled serums, those lights and that special dissolved oxygen. There was also a noticeable improvement in clarity and texture – my skin felt so smooth.

About SkinStorm

Is SkinStorm a facial?

Yes, but not as you know it. Far from a traditional, pampering facial, SkinStorm incorporates six steps, all involving high-tech machines, to leave you with better looking, healthier skin. This is a great transition for someone who enjoys their regular hands-on facials but wants to take things up a gear and create lasting change in the skin.


What happens during a SkinStorm treatment?

  1. The full SkinStorm experience starts with deep, vortex-style cleansing infused with the special topical dissolved oxygen to feed the skin while it deep cleans
  2. The skin is blasted with resurfacing crystals while it simultaneously receives healing red LED light
  3. ‘Ice peeling’ – where a potent blend of AHAs infused with super-cooled topical dissolved oxygen (the ice part) is applied to the skin. This means that the irritation often associated with peeling is eliminated
  4. ‘Ice needling’, where tiny channels are made in the skin with a needling roller to kickstart that wound-healing response we’re looking for with microneedling, but because the skin is kept so cold, you don’t feel a thing
  5. ‘No-needle filler’, where plumping hyaluronic acid is pushed right into the skin using high-pressure oxygen for an instant – temporary – plumping effect
  6. Finally, a cooling alginate mask is applied, and then you’re put under the TriFusion LED light – a combination of red, green and blue light for an extra boost of rejuvenation.


Who is SkinStorm for?

The beauty of a treatment that combines so many different modalities is that it offers something for everyone. Whether it’s congested teenage skin, an older skin that needs to build new collagen, those first signs of fine lines; or if you’re just looking a little dull and uneven and are in need of brightening up, a SkinStorm treatment will probably be worth your while.


Do I have to have all the steps of a treatment?

No. Your therapist will determine exactly what your skin needs from SkinStorm once they’ve completed your consultation and analysed your skin. In addition to the full six-step treatment there are eight other protocols that cherry pick some of the elements to target specific concerns. For example, there’s the Vitamin Hydration Hit for skin that needs serious rehydration, the Resurface, Peel and Heal to tackle hyperpigmentation, sun damage and acne scarring; or the Instant Skin Filler for those wanting to temporarily tighten and plump without injectables.

Can oxygen really improve my skin?

Crystal Clear worked with a skincare scientist to develop SkinStorm’s low-temperature oxygen-based infusion technology. Skin cells use oxygen for energy, so infusing more oxygen into the skin acts like a vitamin shot in the arm for the skin and its processes, especially when the oxygen is infused into active ingredients. As these solutions pass into the skin, the oxygen infusion technology allows penetration 700 microns deeper than if gaseous oxygen was applied to the skin. It feeds skin cells starved of oxygen to restore radiance and fatigue and increase energy within the skin.

Whereas a lot of skin treatments use heat to stimulate fibroblasts and communicate with skin cells, SkinStorm works off the belief that the skin’s inflammatory response to this heat partially or even fully counteracts the benefit of the treatment itself, particularly in the long-term. So, SkinStorm uses cold temperatures alongside its oxygen-based infusion technology to de-stress the skin, allowing for an intensive treatment without the downtime caused by inflammation.


Can I have a SkinStorm treatment if I have acne?

Yes. SkinStorm has a couple of protocols for acneic skins at different stages – the Extract and Anti-Bacterization treatment is an intensive super cleanse with an with an Oxy Ice Peel to clear deep down congestion and blocked pores, followed by hydrating and healing steps. There’s also the Acne Attack Ice Facial which encompasses gentle peeling and resurfacing while also working to smooth acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.


What is needle-free filler?

This element of SkinStorm is a high-pressure injection designed to plump and firm the skin. Hyaluronic acid is delivered into the upper layers of the skin superficially to counteract visible crow’s feet, ‘eleven lines’, sagging skin and jowls, and can even be used to temporarily plump up the lips.

What is SkinStorm used to treat

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