Lip Filler

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are injectable treatments that can plump up thin lips, make asymmetric lips more symmetrical, or replace lost volume in older lips that look like they’ve shrunk a bit. Lip fillers can also, by fractionally raising the outline of the lips, stretch out the fine, ‘barcode’ lines that tend to accumulate above the upper lip with age, particularly in people who smoke, or who have smoked a lot in the past.

Why would you need lip fillers? Well, if you are on the mature side, you will know how lips seem to lose their stuffing over the years, and get thinner and drier with age. The main reason is that the collagen that plumps lips up gets gradually broken down, because the delicate skin on the lips suffers the gradual daily aggressions of daylight. On top of that, drying wind and being licked too much wears away at the skin barrier, which makes lips feel dry and makes them less able to retain the remaining moisture within them.

For anyone in their twenties or thirties, lip filler isn’t so much a need as a want. Since Kylie Jenner began transforming her looks – and turning herself into a billion-dollar brand in the process – by starting with lip fillers in her teens, the big-lipped pout has become ubiquitous, a beauty-staple for a whole generation.

Lip fillers need to be injected below the skin, so they must have a fine enough consistency to be able to pass through either a needle or a cannula (a kind of blunt needle). Once injected, the fillers sit where they are placed beneath the skin. The fillers attract water, which helps them hold their shape. Over the following weeks, the fillers integrate with your skin’s tissues and become part of your face.

There’s a lot of information about the world of lip fillers, so don’t forget to download your factsheet to take away and read through later.


There’s a lot of information about this very popular treatment, so I’d recommend downloading my full factsheet here to read over until you’ve come to grips with everything. Just enter your details here to save it to your device.

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