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LED Blue Light Therapy

Written by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 12 January 2024

What is LED blue light therapy?

LED blue light therapy is a treatment for clearing acne bacteria on the skin using blue LED light. This is a treatment that you can either have at a clinic or administer to yourself with a home-use device. LED blue light treatment is as easy as relaxing for around 20 minutes in the cool glow from a large canopy studded with small LED bulbs, or wearing a face-shaped mask which has LED bulbs on the inside.

LED blue light therapy is one of several forms of LED light therapy. The different colours of light have different effects on the skin. LED red light therapy calms inflammation, boosts the production of collagen, and improves your skin texture; see the LED Red Light Therapy page for more information. Yellow (or amber) LED light therapy improves the communication between cells. Near infra-red light, like red light, helps boost collagen production. Scroll down for more info and all the FAQs about LED blue light therapy.


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What does LED blue light therapy do?

Blue light helps denature P. acnes, the bacteria that causes acne. It won’t stop spots from forming in the skin, but it will reduce the redness and inflammation by knocking out the bacteria on the surface of the skin that are provoking spot formation. Because blue light only works at a surface level, it doesn’t kill bacteria deep in pores in the skin. 

LED blue light therapy can be used on the face to tackle blemishes, and for body-based breakouts too, such as acne on your back and shoulders – often called ‘bacne’.As with red light, you can get treatment at a clinic or salon, in which case you will need to visit once or twice a week, or you can try using a home-use device, which you will need to use more regularly.

Is LED blue light therapy effective?

Yes, LED blue light therapy is effective for denaturing acne bacteria and reducing spots on both the face and body.

Home-use LED devices are less powerful than the light sources used in clinics, but they can still be helpful if you are diligent about using them.

LED Blue 100

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How much does LED blue light therapy cost?

A session of LED blue light therapy on its own costs around £30 to £50, depending on the clinic. To reduce acne substantially, you will normally need to have a course of four to six sessions over several weeks, followed by maintenance treatments every three months or six months.

How long does LED blue light therapy take?

A LED blue light therapy session takes around 20 minutes. A typical regime would be two sessions per week.

How long does LED blue light therapy last?

The effects of LED blue light therapy usually last for several months.



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Are there any side effects to LED blue light therapy?

LED blue light therapy occasionally has relatively mild side effects:

  • Redness. The treated area may be red for several hours after treatment.
  • Swelling. The treated area may be swollen for several hours after treatment.
  • Tenderness. The treated area may be tender for several hours after treatment, especially if it swells.
  • Crusting or peeling. The skin on the treated area may crust over and then peel off within a few days.


FAQ ABOUT LED Blue Light Therapy

How does LED blue light therapy feel?

To be honest, it feels like almost nothing. The LEDs produce a cool light, so it doesn’t even feel warm. All you have to do is turn up, lie on the treatment couch, and relax while the light glows.

Does LED blue light therapy work?

Yes. LED blue light therapy has been demonstrated to help improve spotty skin.

LED light therapy – with any of the colours of light used – is also the only treatment I can think of that defies the usual maxim of ‘no pain, no gain’ which applies to most tweakments.

Where can I get LED blue light therapy?

Most cosmetic clinics and many beauty salons now offer light treatments. Red light therapy is the most common, but many clinics offer LED blue light therapy as well.

You can use the Find a Practitioner tool on this website to find a clinic or practitioner for LED blue light therapy.

Another option is to get a home-use device for LED blue light therapy. A home-use device is particularly useful if you find it hard to get to a clinic on a regular schedule. Here are two home-use devices to consider:

  • MZ Skin Light Therapy Treatment Mask. Covered with LEDs inside, this can provide red, blue, a combination of red and blue, and green light therapy. As the name suggests, this device is a mask that you put on for the treatment.
  • Foreo Espada. With this device, you target your spots one by one with focused blue light. This is more work, but it lets you give individual spots more attention as necessary. The device costs £129.
  • Dermalux Flex MD: This at-home device is a big investment, but it does offer clinically proven LED therapy to improve skin health and the dome-shaped tech can be manoeuvred to treat the face and body easily. That includes blue light to tackle breakouts.

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