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Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation is treatment that uses one or more lasers to make the skin look better. Laser skin rejuvenation uses laser light to remove dead cells and debris from the outer layers of skin; if a greater effect is needed, the practitioner can also use the laser to remove the outermost layer of skin itself. Scroll down for all the FAQs about laser skin rejuvenation.



£ 700


30 - 60 minutes


1 year


Numbing cream


Yes - tightness, dryness, redness

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FAQ ABOUT Laser Skin Rejuvenation

What is laser skin rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation is treatment that uses one or more lasers to make the skin look better. Laser skin rejuvenation uses laser light to remove dead cells and debris from the outer layers of skin; if a greater effect is needed, the practitioner can also use the laser to remove the outermost layer of skin itself.

New types of lasers can also stimulate healing in the lower layers of skin without affecting the outer layers. Examples are the ‘pico’ lasers, such as the Picosure from Cynosure or the PicoWay from Syneron Candela. A pico laser fires its beam so quickly – in a picosecond, a trillionth of a second – that it manages to bypass the surface of the skin altogether and gets straight to stimulating healing in the lower layers with pressure waves. A pico laser is brilliant for breaking up the pigment in tattoos, which it shatters by acoustic vibration, and can also be used for skin rejuvenation.

Laser skin rejuvenation may combine the use of lasers with other treatments, such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion, to achieve the rejuvenating effect that you are after.

Is laser skin rejuvenation safe?

Yes. Laser skin rejuvenation is safe provided that the practitioner is experienced and skilled with the laser.

Does laser skin rejuvenation work?

Yes. Laser skin rejuvenation is a reliably effective treatment.

Does laser skin rejuvenation hurt?

Whether laser skin rejuvenation hurts depends on exactly which treatment you have and how sensitive you are to pain. Some laser treatments make the area being treated feel hot, but not uncomfortably so. In other treatments, the laser feels somewhat like having a rubber band pinged against your skin.

Normally, the clinic will offer to apply anaesthetic cream to the treatment area if the laser is likely to cause you discomfort.

What is fractional laser treatment?

In a fractional laser treatment, the laser light is fired at the skin through a grid of tiny pinprick holes. That means that the laser energy drills a mass of tiny channels of damage into the skin, but in between each of these, a fraction of skin remains intact and undamaged. Doing this means that you get the rejuvenating effect, along with clearing of pigment and softening of wrinkles, in the treated area of skin, but there is less obvious damage to the skin on the surface, and the skin heals up much more quickly, thanks to those undamaged ‘fractions’ of it that weren’t touched by the laser.

Where can I get laser skin rejuvenation?

You can use the Find a Practitioner tool on this website to find a practitioner who offers laser skin rejuvenation.

When looking for a practitioner, bear in mind that practitioners who use cosmetic lasers in the UK don’t have to be regulated; nor do their clinics: Anyone who can buy (or rent) a laser can use it for cosmetic purposes (as opposed to medical purposes, for which lasers are regulated). So it’s vital you make sure that your chosen practitioner is skilled with the laser they will be using and has demonstrated they can get the type of results you’re seeking.

How much does laser skin rejuvenation cost?

Laser skin rejuvenation costs from £400 upward, depending on the area you’re having treated and the clinic performing the treatment.

How long does laser skin rejuvenation take?

Laser skin rejuvenation usually takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

If you need to have anaesthetic cream before the treatment, that will add another 30 minutes.

How long does laser skin rejuvenation last?

The effects of laser skin rejuvenation usually last two to three years. The better you look after your skin, the longer you can make the effects last. Wearing SPF50 every day is particularly crucial after laser treatment.

What should I expect after laser skin rejuvenation?

The skin of the treatment area is likely to be pink or even red after treatment, and to feel warm or hot; with more aggressive laser skin rejuvenation treatments, the skin may feel as though it has sunburn and may itch. After 24 hours, the skin may develop a rash of small spots. These symptoms typically disappear after three days to a week, depending on the size of the treatment area and the depth of the lasering.

After having laser skin rejuvenation treatment, you will need to protect the treated area from sun exposure.

Are there any side effects to laser skin rejuvenation?

You are likely to experience the direct effects explained in the previous section, such as pinkness, sensitivity, and itching.

Apart from these effects, it is possible for lasers to damage the skin, particularly if they are used at too high an intensity or by an inexperienced practitioner. With any laser treatment, make sure your practitioner explains to you beforehand very clearly what treatment will involve, what it will feel like and whether there will be downtime afterwards.

What is it like to have laser skin rejuvenation?

This depends on the type of laser skin rejuvenation that you are having, but here are two examples:

Laser Genesis. The Laser Genesis treatment uses a non-ablative Genesis Nd:YAG laser to generate renewal within the skin. The treatment is relatively gentle, starting with a light acid peel to sweep away dead cells and provide a clean surface for the laser to tackle. The peel tingles, but not enough to sting, and leaves the skin pink in patches. The practitioner then works the laser around the treatment areas, keeping the beam constantly moving, heating up the lower layers of the skin to 42 degrees. The laser feels hot, but not painfully so. The treatment gives a nice instant brightening result.

PicoWay Resolve Skin Rejuvenation. The PicoWay Resolve laser has a photoacoustic effect (which means sound waves are created as the laser light is absorbed into the skin) rather than a photothermal effect (where the laser light creates heat), so it does not heat up the surface of the skin. As a result, this laser gives what is supposed to be a ‘pain-free’ treatment, so you don’t need to have numbing cream beforehand. However, this depends on the intensity the practitioner uses: some people describe the feeling of the laser as being like having a rubber band snapped against the skin. Afterward, the treated skin is red and feels hot, as if with sunburn; it may take several days to start getting back to normal. The full effect of the treatment becomes apparent after several weeks, with wrinkles reduced and the skin appearing firmer and brighter.


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Alice answers your question. Want to ask Alice a question? Pop it in here and check back in a few days for the answer.

Hi Alice, I have hooded eyes and under-eye wrinkles. I recently had my first dose of toxin on the crow's feet area, which I've been impressed with, but I don't think this can be done close to the eyes, so what could I try to help under the eyes? Any…

Procedures that give good results for those small wrinkles under the eye include laser and radiofrequency microneedling. Laser can also be used on hooded eyelids, as can types of plasma treatment such as Plexr. These don't give as full or definite a result as a surgical eyelift but they can certainly make a difference. For skincare, take a look at some of my favourite eye creams.…

I read an article about Alice having Endolift. At her follow-up she was surprised that her skin felt tighter, but visually she didn’t see much difference. Was there much improvement after six months?

Hi, I know the skin technically goes on improving for up to a year after treatment, but I didn't see much difference from that three-month point onwards.

What is the best treatment for the décolletage area, please? Creases are starting to appear.

Laser or radiofrequency microneedling would both be great choices, to refresh and remodel the skin – possibly followed by hydrating, skin-conditioning injectable moisturiser treatments. While you're deciding, and going forward, use the same skincare on your chest as you do on your face, perhaps a vitamin C serum plus a hydrating serum or moisturiser in the mornings, with a retinoid at night, and make sure you're using SPF50 every day, from your hairline down your neck to your chest.…

I have lost a lot of weight and now have loose skin on my inner thighs. What would suggest?

Congrats on the weight loss – maybe a technology like radiofrequency microneedling or laser could help? I'd suggest booking a consultation with a great practitioner who does a good deal of work on the body, who can give you a realistic assessment of what sort of difference non-surgical treatments might make for you.

I’m looking for solutions for under-eye wrinkles. I’m 61.

Start by using a really good eye cream which will help smooth the appearance of the wrinkles, then I'd suggest reading up on the various tweakments that can help with under-eye wrinkles, like laser and radiofrequency. Take a look at this recent Tweak of the Week video, too. You can see how much radiofrequency microneedling improved Linda Lusardi's under-eye area. Next, find a fab practitioner in your area and have a consultation with them to see what treatments they can suggest that you would be comfortable trying.…

Hi, can you tell me the best tweakment for face and hand brown spots? I am 68.

Hi, either intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser treatment is brilliant for softening and clearing brown spots from the skin. Have a look on our Practitioner Finder for someone who offers these treatments in your area, and see what they suggest for you? Meanwhile, make sure you wear an SPF50 sunscreen on your face and hands every day, to minimise the chance of developing more pigmented spots.…

Poikiloderma of Civatte removal!

It's hard to remove, but you can certainly have a go at fading it. For anyone who hasn't heard of it, Poikiloderma of Civatte is a kind of rash of pigmentation and thread veins in the neck, which crops up mainly in older, fair-skinned people (particularly in post-menopausal women) and it's harmless but annoying. Find a great practitioner, who will supply you with prescription skincare to reduce the pigmentation, and who may also suggest treating the area with IPL or laser to zap the pigmentation and thread veins. Meanwhile, wear sunscreen religiously to stop it getting worse, and don't spray perfume on this area (though, yes, it's the…

What is the approximate cost of BBL/Halo with Dr Zamani?

The price starts at £1,000  – you can see a video of the treatment here and find out more about Dr Zamani and contact her clinic here.

I have just read your Good Housekeeping article and you mentioned how delighted you were that the laser treatment had vastly improved surface spider veins. Please you tell me which laser treatment you had for this?

Hi, it was the Sciton Halo laser. There's a video about my treatment on Instagram, or you can see a video of the same treatment being done on someone else in this Tweak of the Week video.

What is your honest opinion of Endolift? I have been recommended it for neck and lower face.

It's a really interesting procedure. If you take a look at the video of the Endolift treatment I had, you'll see there were improvements in the three-months-after 3D pictures – but they're not huge. Maybe I wasn't a good candidate for the procedure. I understand it works really well for recontouring fatty jawlines where people are looking for fat-busting plus the skin-tightening that the laser can give.

How do I lessen the appearance of hollow cheeks and sagging jowls without fillers, please?

You could try a skin-tightening treatment like radiofrequency microneedling or laser. How much of an improvement you might get in terms of skin-tightening depends on what sort of shape your skin is in at the moment. Unfortunately nothing except filler is going to replace lost volume in the cheeks. I understand why you might not be keen to try it, but honestly, in the right hands – like those of the practitioners on this site – you could get some lovely, subtle and appropriate results.  …

I’m breastfeeding, but I have crepey skin on my neck that just seems to be getting worse. What tweakments would you recommend?

Stick with good skincare for the time being (vitamin C serum in the morning, plus hydrating serum or moisturiser, plus sunscreen) then try, with caution, a glycolic acid product like Alpha H Liquid Gold in the evenings once or twice a week (it's great on your face, too. Neck skin is always a bit more sensitive than the skin on our faces, which is why I say try it with caution). Once you're no longer breastfeeding, treatments like laser, broadband light and injectable moisturiser/ skinbooster treatments are great for the neck, but leave those for the time being. And also go easy on yourself, it's exhausting looking after a baby, and fatigue…

Hi Alice, I'm keen to have some kind of skin tightening laser for my undereyes, however I'm worried about the metal eye shields they put in your eyes after the problems you had with your eyes! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Debbie

Hi Debbie, you ought to be alright with the eye shields – so many surgeons and laser practitioners contacted me while I was recovering and said they were shocked because they'd been using the shields for years and years and had never had an issue like that. As long as the practitioner is familiar with using the shields, and uses enough lubrication drops as well as anaesthetic drops, you should be fine. The other alternative is to try a radiofrequency or RF microneedling treatment which can be used all around the eyes without requiring those shields.…

I had an Endolift treatment under my eyes in August. I believe I can see a slight improvement, but is it too early to get the final result?

Hi, I had Endolift treatment at the start of November 2020, and when I had 'after' pictures taken on a 3D Vectra camera three months later, you can see a small improvement in facial tightness, but it's not huge. You can see the pictures on this post here. The results are meant to go on improving for up to a year after treatment.

Hi Alice, I am currently breastfeeding (and will be for foreseeable) therefore do not want to do filler/toxins, what would you recommend for fine lines and wrinkles. Thank you

Hiya, it's TTG editor Georgia here answering your question on Alice's behalf. If you're just after general skin rejuvenation and you want to avoid injectables, you could try a gentle laser facial – though there will be a bit of downtime – or a course of superficial skin peels. Both of these options will freshen up your skin and help soften those lines and wrinkles. Do still check that you're safe to go ahead while breastfeeding, though.  

I have a port wine stain birthmark on my one cheek and as I am hoping to one day afford Morpheus 8, I wondered if Morpheus 8 is what you would recommend for this?

I'd suggest laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) to treat a port wine stain (rather than Morpheus8, which is a brand of radiofrequency microneedling, which tightens skin but doesn't shift pigmentation). Both these treatments break up the red pigment in the blood vessels that make up the stain, which is then cleared away by the body. IPL is cheaper than laser, though it may take more rounds of treatment. Find a practitioner who offers both laser and IPL to assess your face and advise which system they think would give you the best results. Lots of great practitioners on my practitioner-finder, here.  …

I am 43 and have very crepey eyelids. What is the best hydrating serum to use? Should I consider a blepharoplasty?

In terms of products, use any you like - you can find a selection of my favourite eye creams/ serums here. Skincare can only do so much though. It won't tighten eyelid skin significantly and a blepharoplasty may be necessary to get any real results, especially if the eyelids are very lax, as you say. The only way to know what's best for you is to have a consultation with a surgeon. Look for an oculoplastic surgeon who specialises in eyes and is very experienced in blepharoplasties (search 'oculoplastic' on this site for the ones that are listed here). Laser treatment around the eyes and across the eyelids will tighten the skin but…

I have ‘Turkey’ neck quite badly. I don’t want surgery and my newface device has improved things. Can you suggest anything to help?

Hi, necks are trickier to treat than faces but there's a number of treatments that can help including injectable moisturisers aka 'skin boosters' to hydrate and smooth the skin (and tighten it a bit); radiofrequency microneedling to smooth, resurface and tighten the skin and laser - which also smoothes, refreshes and tightens the skin. Take a look at those treatment options via the links above, or to see all my suggestions for treating necks, go to the home page and hover over the 'concerns' tab, and over to the side you'll see treatments for necks. Here's one of those for starters, about treating neck wrinkles …

I have just read your Good Housekeeping article and I was wondering which laser treatment you had to treat the small surface veins on your face?

Hi, it was a combination treatment from Sciton lasers using broadband light (BBL) which is an intense form of Intense Pulsed Light, combined with a Halo laser. There's a video here showing the treatment being done by Dr Maryam Zamani on someone else - and I was so impressed by the results that I went to try it for myself. (Here's the blog with the results of my own treatment.) It's the BBL bit that clears the thread veins. If you're not near a clinic that offers this treatment, look for one that offers IPL for thread veins. You can read more about treating thread veins here.…

What is the best treatment for sagging jowls and crepey neck? I’m 75 but have hardly any wrinkles.

Wow, congrats on your lovely complexion, sounds like you have looked after yourself well. You're probably not going to want to hear this but the treatment that would give you the clearest, best results would be a lower face and neck lift, but I completely understand that that is not a tweakment and that surgery is not for everyone. In terms of tweakments, you could think about RF microneedling or laser which will tighten the skin and improve the texture, or perhaps a touch of filler along the jawline and in the chin, to make up for the way we lose bone mass with age, which is one reason why we lose definition around the jawline. What…

I chicken out of eye surgery for now, can you suggest anything else I can do for eye lids other than surgery?

Hi, there are a few treatments you could try to tighten the skin on the eyelids and around the eye area. None of these will give as quick, clean or definitive a result as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) but they could help. Ping, a radiofrequency skin-tightening protocol put together by Dr Sach Mohan, which is specifically designed for non-surgical skin tightening around the eye Laser skin tightening, with a fractional laser - practitioners including Dr Maryam Zamani can offer this with the Sciton laser, other practitioners will have their own favourites. You do need to wear intra-ocular shields for this procedure, which are like…

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