Microneedling – also called ‘medical needling’ – is the process of applying a roller or pen tipped with rows of tiny needles to the skin in order to create thousands of holes in the epidermis. This isn’t just some dermatologist’s weird idea of fun, there’s actually a number of good reasons to try it, all backed by scientific research. There are a range of needle lengths and what microneedling can do for you depends on the length you use.

Broadly speaking, there are two reasons to use microneedling: to increase the efficacy of skincare products and to stimulate growth factors and collagen production within the skin. Throughout this page, I’ll differentiate between what you might call shallow microneedling (up to 1mm) and its big brother, deep microneedling (1mm to 3mm).


This is such a fascinating treatment and one I like to dip in and out of, so I’ve developed a downloadable factsheet you can keep and refer back to at leisure. Just enter your details below.