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Find the answers to some of your most frequent questions.

Hello are the tweakments you suggest for each concern, in order of which one works best?

Hi, no they’re not – though if some tweakments are the gold-standard most obvious thing for a particular concern, I try to point that out. It’s always really hard to say what is ‘best’ for any concern – and it depends to some extent on how your face is looking, how much you are bothered by the particular concern, how much money you are looking to spend on treatment, whether you are prepared to try more aggressive treatments that require more social downtime, and so on. Find a great practitioner (lots on the website here), have a thorough consultation with them about what they’d suggest for your concerns, take time to think about the options, and go from there.

Have you heard about threads for ankles?

Yes but I wish I hadn’t. If you ask me, it is completely mad that a treatment like this is even on offer. Do practitioners seriously think it’s a good idea to run multiple threads through the skin around the ankle? Have we all become so fixated on supposed imperfections that we are prepared to even contemplate something like this? Please, no!

Has the use of sunscreen depleted/contributed to our very low vitamin D levels?

We’re all usually short of vitamin D by mid-winter and the best thing to do is to use supplements as a matter of course – as they’re cheap and helpful. In the UK, the sun is only strong enough to create vitamin D in the skin between April and September, and then you have to weigh up whether you prefer to go with your face unprotected and take the damage that may cause to the skin. Using sunscreen doesn’t contribute much to low vitamin D as very few of us are scrupulous enough with our application of it to stop vitamin D synthesis altogether. I prefer to protect my face and, when it’s warm enough, expose my arms and legs to the sun, but whenever I’m tested, my vitamin D levels are always low.

Are there any non-surgical breast enhancement treatments available?

Unfortunately, there are no non-surgical breast enhancements. There used to be one called Macrolane, like a mega-density filler, 14 years ago, but it was taken off the market for all the problems it caused.

Do you know of any non surgical treatments for a slight underbite?

Sorry, but no. If you have a retrognathic chin, i.e. overbite/weak chin, you can have fillers to advance the profile a bit, but not the other way round.

In my upper inner arm the skin look puckered – have you any suggestions how to improve it?

What about Profhilo or one of the other injectable moisture/skin booster treatments? They are meant to have a slight tightening effect? That or BodyTite, which uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin.

I absolutely love your brows! What do you do and where do you go?

Thanks so much for your kind words, at the moment they’re laminated by @suemarshlondon – which involves perming and tinting them to give them more volume and, er, presence! One day I will go to @iamrachelpitman who does very superior microblading.

What do you think about Ulthera for skin tightening? Or just ultrasound in general?

I prefer Ultherapy (Ulthera) to other types of HIFU skin tightening as it has a visualiser in the device so the practitioner can “see” into the skin and position each pulse at the right depth so it hits the collagen layer, not the fat.

What treatment has been the most successful for you?

That is so hard to answer. Most of them are successful in their own way, i.e. a successful lip treatment is great but very different from a successful course of microneedling. Totally depends on what you’re after and what success looks like to you…

How many millilitres of lip filler should you get?

I’d leave it to your practitioner’s artistic judgement. There’s a popular saying in aesthetic medicine, that why you go to see a great practitioner is because you are paying for ‘the skill, not the ml’. ie you want them to use their artistic eye to judge what is appropriate for you, bearing in mind the size of your lips, and what the rest of your face looks like, rather than just using up what they have in the syringe, regardless.

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