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I’ve been taking 100mg of utrogestan and 2 pumps of Oestrogel a day and have noticed very little change. Should I consider reducing it? I’m 56.

Hi, I’m not a medical doctor nor a hormone specialist, I’d suggest you ask the doctor who prescribed the products for you for advice on dosage.

Can I use the Dermalux Flex every day on my face?

In a word: yes. The benefits of LED treatment are cumulative, so the more you do it, the more benefit you derive.

Can you suggest anything for malar bags/festoons? I understand they are difficult to treat but I was wondering if an at-home device would be of benefit? NuFACE maybe?

Hmm, anything that helps improve the lymphatic drainage in your face may help the appearance of the malar bags when they get puffy, so NuFACE or a quartz/ jade roller might be of some help, or just manual lymphatic drainage – but none of these things will fundamentally change the malar bags themselves. For that you’ll need to explore tweakment options or if necessary, surgery.

Hi Alice, have you tried any of the Revision Skincare products? Are they worth the cost and do they live up to the hype? Many thanks!

Yes I am trying them just now and they feel amazing. Their technology and delivery systems look outstanding, too, as do some of the before-and-afters the brand has shown me. ‘Are they worth it’ is a really difficult question to answer. If you have the budget to explore skincare at these sort of prices, then yes absolutely.

Hello Alice, have you tried the Droplette tool? It claims to help collagen go through the skin barrier and to have MIT/NASA tech behind it. What’s your take on it?

It looks completely fascinating – but no I haven’t tried it and it is clearly quite an investment. It claims to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin – as does home microneedling, but without causing injury to the skin. It may not be entirely necessary – the website claims, ‘Over 90% of creams or serums (topicals) sit on top of your skin. The active ingredients never actually absorb into your skin’, which is a hugely broad statement and not true – but if you can afford to give it a go, why not?

What would you recommend for the criss-cross pattern of wrinkles under my eyes?

Start by using a really good eye cream which will hydrate and strengthen the skin and help smooth the appearance of the wrinkles. Then maybe a type of radiofrequency microneedling, or a heat treatment like Tixel, that can be used close to the eyes to rejuvenate the skin, or an injectable treatment like PRP to regenerate the under-eye skin and smooth out the wrinkles. Find a great practitioner in your area, book a consultation and see what they can suggest that might help you.

Sagging, thin, dry, ageing skin – what one thing should I try? I wear sun cream every day and take HRT. I lost a little weight and my neck skin looks crumpled and my face has started sagging with lines. I work for the NHS and am not wealthy but if you could choose one thing to prioritise what would it be? Profhilo? Toxin? Skin tightening? Currently I have not completed any of the above.

Hiya, TTG editor Georgia here. It sounds like a course of injectable moisturiser injections on the face and neck would be your best bet. Have a look at some of the different brands here to get an idea of what they offer (they all differ slightly based on their ingredients and composition) – some are better at tightening sagging skin than others. All will smooth out the crumpling/ crepey texture that you mention and reduce your lines. You’ll also get a lovely, refreshed glow and ‘springier’ skin. And most importantly, use the Practitioner Finder to find someone we recommend near you who offers this treatment.

I have been offered exosomes – what can you tell me about them?

They’re fascinating – exosomes act like messengers between skin cells –and offer great potential for real rejuvenation in the skin – however, the type of exosomes that are originally derived from a human source are not approved for injection in the UK, though that doesn’t stop a number of doctors offering the treatment for topical (on top of the skin) application, then needling them in… The ones that are openly on offer in the UK are plant-derived exosomes which appear to have benefits for the skin, but (from the before and after pictures that I’ve seen so far) not such extensive benefits as the human-derived ones.

Hi, what treatment or homecare products would you recommend for melasma?

Hiya, TTG editor Georgia here. There are two brilliant peel procedures from a brand called Mesoestetic that are specifically designed to remove stubborn pigmentation, including melasma. One is Dermamelan and the other is Cosmelan. Both combine one or two in-clinic treatments with a homecare protocol that needs to be followed for up to six months, but the results I’ve seen are fab. Have a look online to find practitioners near you who provide the peels. There are also some lasers that can work well to clear melasma. If you want to explore this option, use our Practitioner Finder to find an expert laser practitioner near you and have a consultation. And make sure you wear SPF50 daily to prevent any further environmental pigmentation developing.

Can you recommend a surgeon for a facelift and eyes in Surrey please?

TTG is all about non-surgical procedures so I’m afraid we’re unable to recommend surgeons.

Hi, I wondered if you have information on the concept TM face lift?

Hiya, TTG editor Georgia here. I hadn’t heard of this particular face lift surgery before but it seems as though it’s a marketing term used for a short-scar face lift that’s performed under local anaesthetic. As TTG is all about non-surgical procedures so we’re unable to offer advice about surgery. I suggest you seek out a really good facial surgeon and get their opinion on if you’re a candidate for a surgical lift and if so, which kind of procedure.

Hi Alice, I’m just wondering, would you have any advice on what to use when toxin doesn’t work?

Hiya, TTG editor Georgia here. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘doesn’t work’ – it’s incredibly rare for toxin to be completely ineffective. Where did you have it injected/ what are your concerns/ are you sure it was definitely toxin? In most cases where toxin appears not to work, it’s because it was placed incorrectly. In terms of what else might work, again, it totally depends on your concerns and what you were wanting to address with the toxin. Take a look at our page about wrinkles for some thoughts on this.

Hi Alice. More than 10 years ago I made the fatal mistake of having Bio-Alcamid injected into my lips. Soon after it started migrating and I had a lot of the product removed by the surgeon who initially injected it. Unfortunately, not all was removed. The major problem I have is a slightly wonky mouth with one side looking thinner than the other and some product that’s migrated into my cheek by my nose, you can feel it there. I am desperate to find someone who can remove this product and make good the lip (symmetrical), in London preferably). I’d be forever grateful.

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear this, how very difficult for you. This will need to be examined by a surgeon. It may be very difficult to remove product that has been in your face for so long. I presume you are looking for a different surgeon than the one who did the original work – because The Tweakments Guide is focussed on non-surgical procedures and practitioners, I’m sorry but we don’t have any names to offer you on this just now.

Who are the top 3-5 expert practitioners for fat-dissolving injections for the chin in London?

If you take a look on the Practitioner Register on the website, you’ll find a number of trusted practitioners who offer fat-dissolving injections.

You posted a video on an underarm treatment – could you please clarify what the treatment was? Thank you.

Hello, it was injections of botulinum toxin to reduce sweating. It’s a good treatment and lasts for 8-9 months.

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