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Values Statement

At The Tweakments Guide, our mission is to provide people with trustworthy and accurate information about the best aesthetic practitioners, procedures and products so they can decide what is best for them based on their own objectives, values and budget.


Ability to Find Information

Our objective is that it should be easy for people to find any information they might need about aesthetics and skincare. For this reason, we have included features such as the ability to search:

  • based on a facial concern like wrinkles, pigmentation or dark circles under the eyes and then find treatments for dealing with this
  • for a tweakment based on criteria such as their attitude to needles, recovery time, cost etc
  • for a practitioner based on criteria such as their postcode or the tweakment they want
  • for skincare that suits their criteria such as skin types or concerns

And if people still have questions to which they cannot find answers they can submit them via the “Ask Alice” feature.

In order to implement our mission we have developed the following guidelines and editorial processes that govern the creation of our content:

Editorial Standards

  • Our mission reflects the values of our founder Alice Hart-Davis who is an experienced journalist with a longstanding personal commitment to providing advice which is as objective, clear and science-based as possible.
  • We employ content creators with a detailed existing understanding of aesthetics and skincare and who share Alice’s values.
  • We thoroughly scrutinise the aesthetic brands and products we mention in our content. Alice and her editorial team research and evaluate their claims based on their detailed understanding of aesthetics and skincare and consider whether the available scientific evidence supports the claims made by those brands.
  • The core pages on our website – those covering tweakments, concerns and skincare – are updated regularly and are checked by leading practitioners with expertise in that area.

Conflicts of interest

We are dedicated to providing free resources to our readers as part of our commitment to patient education. However, to faciliate this, we are also a commercial organisation. As with any content business, this creates the potential for conflicts of interest. This is how we deal with these conflicts:

  • The core pages on our website – for example, those covering tweakments, concerns and skincare – are editorial and have been created purely for educational purposes.
  • The rest of the site includes a mix of editorial and advertorial content. However, we only work with practitioners, brands and products that we trust and we aim to make clear which content is editorial and which is advertorial. How these principles apply to the practitioners, brands and products on our site is set out below.

1. Practitioners listed on our site

  • Our view is that the key to getting good aesthetic treatment is to start by finding a good practitioner. This means not just that they hold relevant, preferably medical, qualifications, and that they are well-trained in the treatments they offer, but that they excel at what they do.
  • Our practitioner listings are intended to provide potential patients with a list of the UK’s best practitioners. Some of our listed practitioners pay us an administrative fee and in return they can provide more information on their listing. The remaining practitioners do not pay us anything but are included because this is primarily intended to be a resource for people considering aesthetic treatment.
  • Our approach in this area is to list only practitioners that our founder Alice Hart-Davis would be happy to have work on her own face. We, therefore, list practitioners that Alice knows or who have been recommended to her, and members of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) an organisation that has its own stringent criteria for membership. We are regularly approached by practitioners wanting to join our lists. If they do not fall into the above categories we ask them to provide two recommendations from practitioners who are already listed. If we become aware of serious issues with any of our practitioners – for example in relation to an investigation by the General Medical Council – we remove their listing until the matter is satisfactorily resolved.

2. Tweakment brands listed on our site

As with the case of our listed practitioners we list all aesthetic brands we trust and would recommend whether or not they pay to be listed. Some of these brands pay a monthly fee in return for which they can provide more information on their listing. The remaining brands do not pay us anything but are included because these brand listings are primarily intended to be an educational resource.

3. Skincare and other products

We sell and promote skincare, supplements, devices and other products in the shop on our site for a profit. The products selected by our team are those which, based on their understanding of all available products, work best and provide the best value. Our objective is to help people find the most effective products within each category based on personal criteria such as their age, skin type, concerns, and budget.


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