Good skincare is the first step to a fresher face. This site focuses on cosmeceutical skincare – products usually found only in specialist skin clinics. They contain therapeutic doses of ingredients like retinol and sophisticated delivery systems that get these right into the skin. They are also generally put through proper clinical testing.

Look through my category cheat sheets to discover:

  • What you need to know about each type of skincare and why you might want to use it
  • My favourite cosmeceutical products in that category


Acid Toners

Acid toners are exfoliating toners containing alpha-, beta- or poly-hydroxy acids such as glycolic, lactic, or malic acids (AHAs), salicylic acid (BHA), or...

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Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, often referred to as AHAs, are best known for their exfoliating effects. They work by dissolving the chemical bonds holding dead skin...

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Anti-acne Serums

There are lots of different anti-acne serums available on the market. One of the most effective is beta hydroxy acid (BHA/salicylic acid). This is because it...

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Anti-inflammatory Serums

Anti-inflammatory serums are designed, as the name suggests, to help reduce inflammation and calm down skin that has become irritated. These powerful serums...

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Anti-pigmentation Serums

Anti-pigmentation serums can be used as part of a treatment for different types of skin hyperpigmentation, including sun damage and its related brown spots;...

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Beta Hydroxy Acid

Beta hydroxy acid/salicylic acid is a fantastic ingredient for treating acne as it not only helps to clear blocked pores but also reduces inflammation. It...

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Cleansers are one of the staples of most skincare regimes. While the old adage of “cleanse, tone, moisturise” may be a little dated now, a good...

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Exfoliators help keep the skin functioning healthily by encouraging the removal of dead skin cells from its surface. This then reveals the brighter, fresher...

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Eye Cream

Eye creams are not for everyone but they can be a targeted addition to your skincare regime and some people really like using them as well as their other...

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Face Masks

Face masks have had somewhat of a revival in recent years. There are different types of face mask but the main point is to give your skin a big dose of active...

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