Written by: Becki Murray

Reviewed by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 30 November 2023

Sofwave is a skin-tightening ultrasound energy device with a difference. It helps improve some of the most common concerns associated with ageing; laxity, lines and wrinkles and overall tone and texture by stimulating the production of new collagen.  

It is ideal for someone in their forties or fifties who wants to work on their collagen levels, improve signs of ageing and rejuvenate the skin overall. A small initial lift can be seen from the immediate thermal response, and full results are visible after around three months. The results from just one treatment last for up to a year. 

Price Range

Around £3,000 for a full face and neck treatment


Treats multiple signs of ageing non-invasively


The only ultrasound device to use Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology for a more effective skin-tightening result

Lasts for

Up to 1 year

Treatment Time

30-60 minutes

Any Anaesthesia

Topical anaesthetic and optional painkillers



Before and after

Why We Recommend Sofwave

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

There are so many device launches every year in aesthetic medicine, and it takes something really special to standout. That’s exactly what Sofwave is – a genuinely new non-surgical tweakment with proven effectiveness that takes ultrasound’s capabilities to the next level. I tried it, and three months on the tightening and lifting effects were clear. My cheeks lifted, the nose-to-mouth lines became less pronounced, and I’m impressed at how much tauter the skin on my jawline has become. To top it off, I think my eyebrows are sitting a fraction higher than before, too.

About Sofwave

What skin concerns does Sofwave treat? 

Sofwave is designed to treat many of the common overall concerns related to ageing – lines, wrinkles, volume loss and skin laxity. It can also be used to lift the eyebrows non-surgically and tackle sagging skin under the chin and on the neck.

What technology does Sofwave use? 

The device utilises a unique kind of ultrasound technology that enables the energy to be delivered in a controlled way in terms of amount and location, while protecting the skin’s surface with an integrated cooling mechanism. See below for more on exactly how the device works.  

Is Sofwave the same as HIFU? 

Whereas other ultrasound technologies on the market – like high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) – work by concentrating the energy to create a focal hotspot between 1.5mm and 4.5mm below the surface of the skin, Sofwave works within the skin itself to create – with each ‘shot’ of energy – seven cylinders which go straight down, parallel to the surface of the skin, and which link up 1.5mm beneath the skin, to create a line of collagen-remodelling heat.

This means that each shot treats an area of tissue far greater in size, and the energy delivered is up to around six times higher than with other ultrasound devices. The outcome is a much more effective skin-tightening result.

Is Sofwave FDA approved? 

Sofwave’s Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology is FDA cleared for improving facial lines and wrinkles, lifting the eyebrow, and lifting lax submental (beneath the chin) and neck tissue.  

Can I have Sofwave on my neck? 

Absolutely – there’s a specific neck treatment protocol to tighten and lift loose skin on the neck. You can either have the neck treated individually or as part of a full face and neck treatment.  

What happens during a Sofwave treatment?

This is how it went when Alice tried Sofwave: 

  • She was prepped for treatment with a topical anaesthetic cream and painkillers
  • The practitioner passed the device over her face and neck in a pattern, delivering pulses that last for about five seconds each
  • The  treatment lasted around an hour (Alice had a full face and neck).

Does Sofwave hurt?

Generally speaking, ultrasound isn’t the most comfortable tweakment, but it’s much more tolerable with topical anaesthetic. You can also ask your practitioner for oral painkillers if you know you’ve got a low pain threshold.  

Are multiple treatments needed with Sofwave? 

Sofwave delivers results in just one or two treatments, though this is dependent on each patient’s skin condition and their practitioner’s recommendation. 

What is Sofwave used to treat

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‘The neck is a notoriously difficult area to treat non-surgically. TheSofwave neck tightening protocol is the best I can offer my patients, the results are unparalleled and continue to improve over time. We are thrilled to be one of the first clinics in the UK to have this technology on our menu’.– Dr Mahsa Saleki  

I have always been an advocate of ultrasound technology to help improve the skin for some of the most common concerns, laxity, lines and wrinkles and overall tone and texture. Not all ultrasound is created equal and Sofwave has managed to achieve exactly what is needed to get optimal results with just the right amount of energy and depth, and it is more tolerable for the patient than its predecessors. Ultimately, the results speak for themselves, and our clients are delighted.’ – Dr Munir Somji 

‘New to the UK, FDAcleared Sofwave is quickly proving to be a really powerhouse in anti-ageing, with its safe, effective and clinically proven ultrasound technology. We are getting the most tremendous results in-clinic from a single treatment and that goes for necks, brow-lifting and fullface treatments. It is well tolerated by patients and the results are self-promoting. We are excited to be one of the first clinics in the UK to offer Sofwave and word is spreading fast!’ – Dr Rita Rakus 


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