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MaiLi is hyaluronic acid filler designed to help reverse the signs of ageing.



MaiLi is a portfolio of four hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers – Precise, Define, Volume and Extreme. Each product has a varying concentration and structure and provides its own benefits for rejuvenation and beautification.

Designed to lift, plump and smooth away the signs of ageing as well as for shaping and sculpting specific areas of the face, the main selling point with MaiLi is it spring-like gel consistency, designed to follow natural movement and expression. MaiLi also promises results lasting 12 months, including treatment in the lips.

Price Range

From £250


Moves with your tissues naturally


Last for 12 months even in lips

Lasts for

12 months

Treatment Time

30 mins – 1 hour

Any Anaesthesia

Contains lidocaine



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Why We Recommend MaiLi (Sinclair)

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

The choice of dermal fillers available in the UK is enormous, but they're not all of equal quality and with filler, it's important to choose a good one. Even though it was only launched in 2021, MaiLi stands out for a few reasons. It’s from Sinclair, a highly-respected global aesthetic company which only supplies experienced, expert practitioners. As a filler, it’s soft, supple and stretchy thanks to its elastic properties. That means it moves with your facial tissues when you animate and express – which adds up to a much more natural-looking result; and the clinical studies promise up to 12-month longevity, even in the lips – an area where a lot of other fillers fall short.

About MaiLi (Sinclair)

What are MaiLi dermal fillers?

MaiLi is a new type of dermal filler launched in the UK in 2021. The range contains four different hyaluronic acid (HA) filler products – Precise, Define, Volume and Extreme – which can be used to complement one another. Each product has a varying concentration and structure and provides its own unique benefits for rejuvenation and beautification. Designed to lift, plump and smooth away the signs of ageing as well as for shaping and sculpting specific areas of the face, the main selling point with MaiLi is how soft and supple the products are. They have a very elastic property that moves with your own tissue, enabling a more natural look and feel.

How do MaiLi dermal fillers work?

Hyaluronic acid has been used in the aesthetics industry for more than 20 years to replenishes your body’s natural volume, which diminishes with age. Once injected, it combines with the water in your skin at varying depths to replace lost volume while also being used to refine features.

Who makes MaiLi dermal fillers?

MaiLi was launched in April 2021 in Europe (CE mark) by Sinclair, a global aesthetic company which has built a portfolio of complementary aesthetics technologies for natural-looking and minimally-invasive treatments. The range was crafted in Switzerland using highly advanced technology and Smart Spring Science, to launch a higher performing filler that requires less formula than other brands.

Are MaiLi fillers safe?

Yes. All MaiLi fillers have a CE mark and conform with the relevant European requirements for medical devices.

Is treatment with MaiLi dermal fillers painful?

Dermal fillers can be uncomfortable. MaiLi’s entire portfolio is fused with pain-reducing lidocaine for a more comfortable experience.

How much does treatment with MaiLi cost?

MaiLi costs from £250 upward for a single treatment, depending on the area to be treated and the amount of filler used.

When will I see results with MaiLi and how long will they last?

Most results are visible immediately, with final effects revealed after a short period of downtime. MaiLi hyaluronic acid fillers last a minimum of 12 months, including dynamic areas such as the lips – a unique claim to the market – resulting in longer lasting rejuvenation. Each product can be applied to most treatment areas, depending on the desired outcome: from targeted rejuvenation of smile lines, plumping or firming, to enhancing volume of cheekbones and lips, and resculpting facial areas with volume loss. MaiLi solutions can also correct the proportions of the features, restore and remodel contours, or rebalance facial symmetry as well as hydrate and smooth the area under the eyes.

Does the treatment have side-effects?

Dermal fillers can have side effects such as bruising and swelling post treatment. See possible complications session for more.

Does the treatment have possible complications?

As with any aesthetic procedure, hyaluronic acid fillers do carry a minimal risk of adverse events/complications, which a small percentage of patients may experience, and which cannot be ruled out. These could include minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction (redness, swelling, rash, oedema, erythema, small lumps/nodules), pain or discomfort (temporary or persistent), infection, transient haematoma, or bruising. Make sure you discuss such adverse effects with your physician before injection.

What is MaiLi (Sinclair) used to treat

Thin Lips

One of the modern standards of beauty is full, pouting, richly coloured lips. Conversely, thin lips have traditionally—and

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‘My favourite product is MaiLi Extreme. Better balance between volumising effect, ease of injection and patient comfort compared to many other HA fillers.’ – Dr Massimo Gianfermi, Paris, France

‘My MaiLi treatment made me feel really good – you feel like your face is tighter in a good way. You just feel better. It’s me but an improved me. It just looks amazing.’ – Gus, patient

‘I felt very comfortable. I just feel like myself but enhanced. I feel very, very pleased with it.’ – Hayley, patient

‘I’m really happy with the outcome. The ridge has disappeared from my nose so it definitely makes me feel more confident, and I can’t wait to show people. My side profile is so much better. I felt really relaxed during my treatment. I’d definitely recommend.’ – Ellie, patient