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Miss Adriana Kovacova

Miss Adriana Kovacova MUDr.(Hons.) L7Cert FRCOphth is a distinguished Ophthalmologist and Aesthetic Surgeon has a profound passion for enhancing eyes, and facial aesthetics. Earning widespread recognition for her exceptional skills and compassionate patient care at The Clinic Holland Park. Miss Kovacova is also an active member of the prestigious British Oculoplastic Society and holds the title of Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Years practicing: 16

Miss Adriana Kovacova is a distinguished Oculoplastic and Aesthetic Consultant Surgeon who specialises in enhancing periocular and facial aesthetics. Earning widespread recognition for her exceptional blepharoplasty technique, outstanding non-surgical aesthetic results and compassionate patient care she will guide you onto becoming the best version of yourself.  Miss Kovacova practices in west London, she is an active member of the prestigious British Oculoplastic Society and holds the title of Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Adriana Kovacova is a distinguished Consultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon, who also specialises in Facial Aesthetics, with a focus on natural tailored rejuvenation and the latest innovations in regenerative aesthetic medicine.

Miss Kovacova’s dedication to her profession and her outstanding abilities make her a sought-after expert in her field, known for her commitment to excellence and patient-centric approach.

As an esteemed NHS consultant, she is an active member of the prestigious British Oculoplastic Society and holds the esteemed title of Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Miss Kovacova is deeply committed to imparting her expertise to the next generation of eye surgeons through her role as a dedicated educator.

Her journey in Oculoplastic Surgery includes a coveted Specialist Fellowship at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, where she received exceptional training under the guidance of Mr. Richard Scawn. Her skillset encompasses a wide range of eyelid surgeries, such as blepharoplasty (eyelid lifts), brow lifts, ptosis (droopy eyelids), ectropion, entropion, chalazions, eyelid lesions, and the treatment of xanthelasma.

In the realm of Ophthalmology, Adriana is a fully certified Consultant Ophthalmologist and exceptionally well-versed in conducting comprehensive eye-health check-ups and providing compassionate care to patients with various conditions, including conjunctivitis, dry eye, watery eyes, blepharitis, chalazions, styes, and cataract.

In Aesthetics, Adriana is Level 7 trained and practices with the highest standard of safety. In her approach, she is focused on natural, tailored rejuvenation for men and women who wish to look and feel confident, no matter their age. She is expertly trained in BBL and Moxi laser skin treatments by Sciton as well as non surgical facelifts by Softwave and PDO threads. She is known for her gentle technique and outstanding results when applying dermal fillers, wrinkle-relaxing injections, Profhilo, polynucleotides, Microneedling with SkinPen, plasma treatment, chemical peels and more; she will confidently guide you on your bespoke journey towards your desired aesthetic goals.

Adriana is a knowledgeable, extremely kind and caring doctor with 15 years’ experience in eye health, eyelid surgery and facial aesthetics, delivering holistic, consultant-level care for patients at The Clinic Holland Park.

London Clinic
The Clinic Holland Park
The Clinic Holland Park
142-144 Holland Park Ave
W11 4UE

London Clinic
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
369 Fulham Road
SW10 9NH

Website and Email
[email protected]



I specifically chose Dr Kovacova because I know that she is a first-class aesthetic doctor who would listen to all my concerns. The procedure was not half as painful as I had been led to believe. The difference was evident immediately, and I am glad to say that any sense of my lips being unnaturally swollen had gone within 72 hours. I am absolutely delighted with the result, and I no longer see my smokers’ lines. The result is subtle but utterly effective — I definitely chose the right practitioner.

Miss Kovacova is a very attentive, pleasant and extremely diligent doctor. I was very happy with the care I received during the treatment course and the aftercare. I would highly recommend her.

I had a Profhilo treatment for my face, I was a little nervous about the procedure because I had been told that the injections were painful, but I did not find this to be the case. I am convinced that the procedure was so easygoing because I was in the hands of a fully-trained surgeon. Dr Kovacova was lovely: reassuring, expert and empathic. Within a week, I could see the results, and it was incredible. My skin was glowing, and years were taken off my face! I am delighted with the results and will definitely be a return client to Dr Kovacova.

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