Renée Lapino Clinic

Renée Lapino has been helping patients “glow” and achieve their best skin for 14+ years. Her medical training in the US shines through, as Renée Lapino-designed treatments are a combination of holistic approach and medical technology. Microneedling, Nanofractional RF and cryotherapy are just some of the therapies offered by a team of the best hand-picked specialists to target every possible skin concern, including acne and melasma.

Renée Lapino spent the first seven years of her career working in Dallas and Southlake, Texas with several nationally renowned plastic surgeons and injectors. She moved to London in 2013 and soon established herself by working alongside the top names in Harley Street. Renée’s reputation as one of the foremost experts in skin grew quickly among the medical and beauty set, earning her the moniker ‘London Skin Guru’.

The RL Team achieves impressive results with every treatment. Appointments vary from holistic facials with a medical twist, to technology-driven sessions of laser resurfacing and micro-needling. The Clinic ethos includes the entire body as part of the skin journey, and consultations touch on not only on the appearance of the skin, but the living environment of the patient, supplements, diet, and home skincare as well.

Each session is designed personally for the patient’s skin and body needs. Specialists use holistic therapies to cohesively support cutting-edge technology, which ensures the greatest results with the least amount of discomfort or downtime. Sound therapy, touch therapy and nutrition are all elements of your experience, and included in each treatment. Patients can expect an enjoyable experience and unparalleled results each and every visit.

Tweakments Offered

Renée Lapino Clinic has been practising for 14 years and offers the following tweakments: