Since launching The Tweakments Guide, we’ve enjoyed numerous kind comments and praise from all across the country. Below are just a few reviews:


Great book … Cuts through the BS (Iain – Amazon)
“Super book gets to the point and no marketing … thank god!”


The Tweakments Guide (Lolly – Amazon)
“Fantastic book stuffed with useful info !”


This book is packed with professional information (Lorraine – Amazon)
“This book is a good read full of great information. Service was quick and 100%customers service to. Kind regards.”


Sensible, balanced guide to the options available for a fresher face (Ms. T – Amazon)
“Reading this book is like having a trustworthy and knowledgeable beauty biz friend to guide you through anti-aging treatments with realistic guidance on what works, to what extent and for how long. Don’t book any tweakment until you’ve read this book!”


Excellent so informative really worth the money (Tiffany – Amazon)
“Really good book so informative and helpful everything you want to know about facial treatments available”


Very informative (Kate – Amazon)
“Great book!! It gives you all you would want to know about nonsurgical procedures. I learnt such a lot. If you are thinking of a procedure this book is for you.”


Finally you can research all treatments in one book (Amazon)
“This book arrived yesterday, and I was up all night reading it. Truly helpful from a beauty journalist you can trust. Well written and very informative. A great gift for all my girlfriends!”


Excellent resource (E, Willett – Amazon)
“Clearly set out, well researched and well-written this is the perfect book for anyone considering the step beyond a simple facial. Lots of food for thought and sensible advice.”


Great book (Mrs L.K. Bourne – Amazon)
“Found this a great book. Very informative about the maze of beauty treatments available.
Well worth a read if you want to keep updated as to which treatment is right for you”



A non-surgical Bible! (H. Hulley – Amazon)
“The fact that the non-surgical aesthetics market is unregulated, allowing non-medically trained individuals to administer anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, this book should be viewed as a Bible for the uninitiated.
Comprehensive, in plain English, unbiased and easy to navigate. A wealth of information, advice and guidance. I’m recommending this to anyone I know who is considering or has tweakments.”



A worthwhile read (Julie – Amazon)
“I have always been interested in the beauty world and have had a few ‘tweakments’ done myself but this book offers some reassurance as to what’s right for you and what you should consider when looking for a clinic. It’s given me lots of advice about alternatives to invasive procedures and lots of things to try before going down any other routes! It covers a whole host of concerns to suit everyone and I found it very interesting! Would recommend to anyone considering any non-invasive procedures and not sure where to start!”


A great investment for your face (Claire – Amazon)
“Alice Hart-Davis has written a comprehensive, honest and wonderfully accessible review of the bewildering range of tweakments available. It’s helpful to have them reviewed by a single unbiased voice, which allows a comparison of the performance and experience of each, answering the questions you really want to know – which works best? will it hurt? and is it worth the cost?
An unexpected bonus is that Alice starts with an explanation and recommendation for the best skincare products. I feel that I finally understand retinoids, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and where they fit together into a regime. This advice alone has more than repaid the modest investment in the book – which is both a great read and a great investment for your face.”



Everything you need to know about non-surgical cosmetic treatment (Mrs S J McIntyre – Amazon)
“Fantastic book! Well written, concise, and tells you the good and bad points about each treatment. Alice Hart Davis is a well-respected journalist, if she rates a product or procedure, you know it works! One major problem – I want all the treatments she reviews”


Fantastic advice from a true expert (Mrs B – Amazon)
“As someone who has been debating their first foray into botox for around 6 months, I was thrilled to see this had been released and had a chapter on botox advice. I ordered this on my kindle and devoured that specific chapter the same evening. What has been excellent, in addition to the botox section, is the honest and well thought out advice throughout the whole book. I have found the product recommendations incredibly useful as it is so difficult to know where to start with various serums/creams, especially when the price point can be rather high. Knowing how well researched Alice is, I am happy to invest in skincare ranges I haven’t tried before in order to complement the botox I have now booked 😉
Thoroughly recommend!”



Reall informative & well researched (Grey Chetley – Amazon)
“I picked up this book as I am starting to worry about aging and I feel like i have no idea where to start with the world of “tweakments” as Alice calls them. I was hoping this book would answer some of my questions and it definitely has. Alice has clearly researched this extremely well, and the straight forward facts paired with her friendly writing style make it really easy to digest the information. This is a book I’m going to go back to every time I have a different worry as its broken down into chapters on various things you might be worried about eg forehead wrinkles or pigmentation, so I found I could easily find the information specific to me. It also has reviews from treatments Alice herself has tried and she is honest about how they feel and if they work, and if she thinks they’re not worth the money she’ll tell you!”