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Hair Loss – What Can You Do?

29th August 2023

When you start noticing more hair ending up in your hairbrush, or you suspect your parting is looking a little wider than usual, it’s hard not to feel rising anxiety that you’re starting to lose your crowning glory. So as Hair Loss Awareness month comes to an end, here’s a quick shout-out for a hair-loss resource for women that’s well worth consulting. Calecim Professional is a biotech company whose products contain growth factors and advanced peptides derived from stem cells* and they have put together a whole bunch of useful hair-loss-awareness articles and videos that may help give you insights into what is going on with hair loss, to offer support and to discuss potential solutions. 

The emotional toll of hair loss is all too real

Hair thinning or loss is distressing at any stage of life, and it’s particularly common in midlife and around menopause. Whether it’s due to genes, stress, illness or hormonal changes it has a hard-hitting emotional toll. Men might disagree, but it feels almost worse for women, as female hair loss is still a topic that barely gets any airtime.

Where to start for mid-life hair loss?

You’ll know the basics – you need a good diet, with plenty of protein to build keratin in the hair; you need to reduce stress in your life; you need to treat your hair gently… but what about science-backed options that offer hope of improving and restoring hair growth?

What can stem-cell science offer?

Long-term followers will know that I’m a fan of Calecim skincare products and have been hugely curious about the potential of their hair restoration system and its new active ingredient, a peptide called PTT-6®. This is a complex blend of exosomes and growth factors that can signal skin and hair cells to renew and repair themselves, and which has been found to be effective in treating mild to moderate hair loss – and without any of the side effects found with most hair loss drugs.  Many of my friends in the aesthetic professional community are seeing clear results with the Advanced Hair System among their patients – and while you can have the treatment in a clinic, you can also easily do it for yourself at home, and many people see a visible difference in hair growth at six weeks. If you want to learn more about the Advanced Hair System, click here – it costs £315 for a six-week home use programme.

Can hair show repigmentation? 

In my opinion, one particularly intriguing aspect of the Calecim Advanced Hair System is that – as you can see in the pictures on this page –  in some of those ‘after’ pictures, the hair appears to be showing signs of repigmentation and moving back towards its original colour. This is not something that Calecim will comment on, nor make any claims for, but it’s something that we can all see right there in the pictures, so I’d hope this is an aspect that will be investigated further in future.


*The stem cells in Calecim products are found in the umbilical cord lining of New Zealand Red Deer. Just one such umbilical cord, which was discarded natural waste, was used to source stem cells, which have then been used in the lab to produce the ‘conditioned media’, containing growth factors and peptides, found in Calecim products.

This article is sponsored by Calecim Professional



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