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Would You Try This Inflatable Suit To Tone Your Body?

2nd April 2024

We’ve always been told that lying back and relaxing won’t do a thing to transform our bodies – well, not if we want to look slim and toned, that is. However, as long as you’re prepared to get zipped up in some rather spaceman-esque trousers – that might actually be true no longer.

In fact, a celebrity-backed trend for lymphatic drainage suits is taking the body tweakment industry by storm once again, by offering a completely non-invasive, relaxing way to water retention, heavy legs and even cellulite…

What are lymphatic drainage suits?

Getting a treatment that involves a lymphatic drainage suit is a little like dressing up as the Michelin man from the chest down. Basically, you wear a pair of inflatable trousers with special chambers on the inside that extend up to your midriff. The devices then use compression-based massage therapy to tone and relax your body, focusing on your legs and bum.

The suits themselves might sound a little odd, but they certainly have a host of celebrity fans. That includes Jennifer Aniston, whose post about one of the devices went viral on Instagram, as well as Amanda Holden, and Denise Van Outen who have both spoken publicly about how much they love using them.

How do the suits work? 

The totally non-invasive suits are designed to gently stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid (which cannot move on its own) as well as blood in your body. This works to improve metabolism, support gut health and, if you do a series of treatments, reduces the appearance of cellulite by targeting your abdomen, hips, bum and thighs. The technology is also said to help with energy levels and mental clarity, as well as being really relaxing as you do nothing more than lie down on a massage bed – which is a definite bonus.

Do lymphatic drainage suits actually deliver results?

Here at Tweakment Towers, we’ve being testing out all the leading lymphatic drainage suits over the past year, including Slimyonik Air Bodystyler.

Our verdict: the technology is really good at tackling water retention, puffiness and heavy legs, especially after exercise and frequent travel. Plus, it’s a treatment that makes you not only look better but feel better too.

“Even in just one session, the nice firm pressure of the compression suit shifted all the fluid that I tend to retain around my hips and thighs,” Alice revealed about her first Slimyonik experience. (You can see her trying the suit in the picture below):

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The treatment itself feels like “completely comfortable, relaxing massage,” Alice continues, with the additional benefit of a nose piece that delivers oxygen-enriched air straight into your nostrils to supercharge your body’s detoxification processes.

A Slimyonik treatment also comes in at a relatively affordable £75 per session (although many clinics like to combine it with facial treatments to really maximise your benefits – and we wouldn’t say no to that). Without any add-ons, the treatment won’t take up tons of your time either. It lasts around half an hour.

Just remember though: results are culminative so you’ll need multiple sessions to get the best benefits from the suit. Plus, the technology is not designed to be as transformational as fat-zapping treatments when it comes to body contouring. It’s best for those looking to lose some stubborn water weight, while supporting their overall body’s health and circulation – all without lifting a finger.

As Alice concludes: “The icing on the cake is that to reap all these benefits, all you have to do is lie back and let your body be massaged.” We love the sound of that…

For more information about Slimyonik and a clinic-finder, click here.


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