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23rd January 2024

Have a burning question about tweakments and/or skincare? Premium spots for The Tweakments Guide Live may have already sold out, but you can still grab your tickets to hear from some of the industry’s leading aesthetic doctors on Tuesday 20th February (and get your hands on a luxury goody bag). To whet your appetite for the event, here’s an insight into the incredible practitioners you can meet, and the important topics they will be covering, from the best practitioners for injectables to laser and skincare experts.

For toxin advice: Dr Sophie Shotter

This year, The Tweakments Guide Live is in association with the founder of the Illuminate Skin Clinic and Aesthetic Doctor of the Year, Dr Sophie Shotter – one of Alice’s go-to experts for toxin injections. Dr Laura Milligan, who is Dr Sophie’s Shotter’s right-hand injector in clinic will also be on hand to answer all your injectables questions. Fancy a snippet of the duos expertise? Here’s Dr Sophie’s advice if you are worried about toxin building up in your body, and a quick tip for potentially ensuring your results last longer.

For around the eyes: Dr Elizabeth Hawkes

Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but they can quickly start to show your age as well. Luckily, Dr Elizabeth Hawkes – an oculoplastic and ophthalmic surgeon – is one of our favourite experts for effectively and safely treating the delicate eye area whether you choose a surgical or non-surgical method. She’ll be at TTG Live full of advice on how to take the fear out of eyelid surgery, and, in advance of popping over to say hello, why not get acquainted with her incredibly insightful live with Alice below. Through it, you can discover why 20mm is such an important number if you are considering upper blepharoplasty,

For plastic surgery queries: Mr Marc Pacifico

If you have a query about plastic surgery, Mr Pacifico is your guy – not least because the cosmetic plastic surgeon is the President of BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons). Most of all, he’s passionate about keeping you as safe as possible, as we all are here at TTG. He’s going to be sharing his specific advice in person at the event, but if you are currently worried about tweakments going wrong, for example, click here for some advice you should bear in mind.

For skin concerns: Dr Ariel Haus

Skin quality is such an integral part of feeling confident, and for easy-to-digest advice on how to achieve it – regardless of whether you struggle with acne, rosacea or hyperpigmentation – Dr Ariel Haus is a top dermatologist that Alice really trusts. His clinic is also home to some of the industry’s leading laser technologies, so get your questions at the ready about the options that might be available to you. You can get a sneak peek at them via the exciting insight into his new clinic below:


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For considerate consultation: Dr Catharine Denning

If you have lots of questions about tweakments – and don’t worry you are definitely not alone – Dr Catharine Denning is an expert in advanced medical aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology, who will certainly make you feel incredible comfortable and assured with her thoughtful manner (and very skilled hands, of course). Most of all, she places you at the heart of the consultation – while running you through whether newly trending treatments like polynucleotides could actually work for you – making it easier than ever to follow our ‘what questions to ask during a consultation’ guide.

For hormones: Dr Sohère Roked

Dr Sohère Roked was one of the first doctors to place hormones really at the heart of their practice and the hormone specialist comes highly TTG-recommended for all your perimenopause and menopause questions. Her biggest piece of advice whenever we speak to her about anti-ageing tweaks during this time? It’s not just about running off to try the latest wrinkle-reducing innovation. You need to consider a truly holistic treatment plan, starting from the root cause of your concerns, for the best results.

For skin tightening: Dr Priya Verma

To be found at the PHI Clinic in London, Dr Priya Verma is a leading aesthetic doctor known especially for her prowess in tightening the skin on your face and body. Her results speak for themselves (although do ask to see her before and afters!), but as the little video below demonstrates it’s her manner that has accelerated her up in our recommendations. Delivering clear, concise advice with a friendly tone, she’ll make sure you know exactly how your treatment should be conducted- using all the clever image-capturing tech you can get a glimpse at in her video below:


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Standard tickets for The Tweakments Guide Live are £30 and you can buy them here. 

These allow you to listen to the talks, watch and join the demonstrations, meet the exhibitors, enjoy drinks and canapes and then take away a luxury goody bag.


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