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The BYONIK® PTL repairs the skin at a cellular level.



Written by: Becki Murray

Reviewed by: Alice Hart-Davis

Last Updated: 29 November 2023

The BYONIK® method is a facial with a difference. The star of the show is a truly unique type of laser called a Pulse Triggered Laser (PTL).

This patented method delivers laser energy into your skin in sync with your pulse and skin cell breathing cycle– the scientific explanation for this is below – meaning the treatment really is tailored to each individual and their skin’s needs. The BYONIK® PTL repairs the skin at a cellular level, rejuvenating, repairing and protecting the skin at all layers, and within the skin cells to reduce inflammation and provide deep, long-lasting hydration while simultaneously detoxifying the cells, optimising and boosting their immunity to support skin healing and repair.

Price Range



Repairs the skin at a cellular level, reduces inflammation, delivers long-lasting hydration


Patented technology, works directly within the skin cells and instantly effective at all layers of the skin, suitable for all skin types, supports highly compromised, barrier-impaired skins

Lasts for

One treatment has clinical effects within the skin for up to 1 month

Treatment Time

45-60 minutes

Any Anaesthesia




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Why We Recommend Byonik

Alice Hart-Davis
Founder, The Tweakments Guide

BYONIK achieves impressive results on highly-compromised, inflamed skin – and there’s not usually all that much you can do in the way of devices if your skin is in that sort of state. It’s unique because it doesn’t rely on thermal or mechanical injury for a wound-healing response and skin improvement, again, making it suitable for angry or upset skin. Instead, BYONIK is completely non-invasive and non-traumatic to the skin and doesn’t even leave any redness.

About Byonik

What skin concerns does BYONIK® PTL treat?

BYONIK® is indicated for a wide range of concerns:

  • Skin with a compromised and impaired barrier, manifesting in conditions like dryness, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea
  • Signs of ageing like lines, wrinkles, mild skin laxity, loss of volume and dehydrated skin
  • Pigmentation including melasma
  • All acne grades including active and cystic
  • Skin tone improvements like textural issues and large pores
  • Scars


How does BYONIK® PTL work?

The BYONIK® method is unique and unrivalled. In simple terms, the laser delivers coherent photons into the skin which are directly absorbed by the skin and directly into the mitochondria of the cells. This has an energising action which triggers a strong clinical response to support the skin’s immunity, performance and overall activity. These hugely beneficial processes for the skin, kick-start the cells activity, increase growth factor levels, collagen and elastin production, reduce the amount of collagen-destroying enzyme collagenase, reduce inflammation and enhance micro-circulation.

The BYONIK® PTL cleverly adjusts its frequency to your pulse throughout the entire treatment. This intelligent smart technology allows the device to release its energy evenly into the skin and target the skin cells directly at the optimal moment for maximum cellular response. This process allows the antioxidants embedded within the hyaluronic acid gel (which is applied to skin prior to the laser) to be directly transferred into the skin cells for deep enrichment and targeted DNA support.

Is BYONIK® PTL a laser?

Yes, however unlike other heat-based lasers, the BYONIK® PTL is a cold low-level laser of high intensity. Commonly known as LLLT. This revolutionary Laser is non-invasive and synchronises dual laser wavelengths to create a non-invasive, non-ablative skin treatment. The BYONIK® PTL actively works to rewind the clock by effectively rejuvenating and regenerating the skin. There is no risk of scarring, pigmentary changes or infection. It is safe and effective for every skin type, there is NO downtime and is PAIN FREE, with no risk of trauma or photosensitivity.  A suitable laser option all year round and throughout pregnancy.

Can I have BYONIK® PTL if I have an inflammatory skin condition?

Yes. BYONIK® excels on all skins suffering from inflamed, compromised and impaired barrier, even for conditions like severe dryness, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or rosacea.

Can I have BYONIK® PTL if I have acne?

Absolutely. It’s one of only a handful of treatments that can be done on skin with active acne, even if it’s cystic. In fact, the device does have a significant clearing effect on acne and can be used safely alongside topical or oral prescription acne medicine like isotretinoin to reduce side effects like photosensitivity, redness and irritation.

Does BYONIK® PTL work with other treatments?

You can have a BYONIK® treatment to support the skin’s recovery after more invasive procedures like ablative lasers, CO2 deep peels, skin needling, threads and even surgical cosmetic procedures, but always check with your practitioner first.

What happens during a BYONIK® PTL treatment?

  • Skin is misted with BYONIK® CONCUR Face Mist
  • Eye make-up is removed and the face, neck and decolletage is cleansed with BYONIK® PURITY Cleansing Gel
  • Skin is analysed
  • BYONIK® PURITY Enzyme Peel is applied to the skin to dissolve dead skin cells and enhance penetration of the proprietary BYONIK® hyaluronic acid gel to follow
  • Skin is cleansed again to gently prepare the surface and prep for LLLT
  • Your therapist will attach a pulse oximeter clip onto your finger and place protective goggles over your eyes
  • The first part of the laser procedure is the detox and activation phase. This activates cell metabolism and skin functions, aiding detoxification and removal of lymphatic waste. Two laser hand pieces are passed simultaneously over the skin on either side of the face
  • BYONIK® HA Gel is warmed and applied to the skin, covering the eyes and lips too
  • The second laser phase is the anti-inflammatory part – this is when the skin absorbed the pre-applied gel
  • The HA gel is reapplied
  • The third laser phase is when the HA gets to work – visibly reducing lines and wrinkles, enriching and volumizing the skin and reducing any irritations
  • BYONIK® PURITY Tonic is applied for a boosting effect and to stabilise the skin’s pH
  • BYONIK® HIGH ENERGY Pure Collagen Eye Pads are applied under the eyes and left on for about 12 minutes
  • BYONIK® SUPREME Mask is applied and massaged into the skin
  • Skin is cleansed with BYONIK® Purity Cleansing Milk
  • BYONIK® PURITY Tonic is applied
  • BYONIK® HIGH ENERGY Anti-Ageing Complex is applied and massaged in
  • Post-treatment skincare is applied, tailored to your skin’s needs
  • Skin is misted again to finish the treatment.

Is BYONIK® PTL clinically proven?

LLLT has been clinically proven in several scientific studies which looked at various indications. These can be downloaded above.

How often should you get a BYONIK® PTL treatment?

An intensive course of 6 to 8 treatments is recommended. BYONIK® is safe to have daily however, weekly treatments are advised with monthly maintenance thereafter.

What is BYONIK® PTL used to treat?

What is Byonik used to treat

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‘The Byonik was a great addition to Riverbanks, particularly to our aesthetic skin practice.  We treat conditions such as mild Rosacea, Acne, age lines and patients who are nervous about treatments that may have an ablative effect or for those not keen on injectables. The Byonik system can make significant changes and improvements to their skin. It is a perfect combination with our other treatments such as injectables and lasers and a good complement to our rosacea, PDL Lasers, skin booster treatments, ultrasound and RF treatments. Client retention is great and reinforces repeat product sales. One of the reasons I was very interested in the Byonik was the technology particularly the use of pulse triggered low level laser, which achieves impressive results without the trauma.’ – Dr Ravi Jain, Riverbanks Wellness Clinic

‘The D.Thomas Clinic team have quickly grown to love the Byonik. Byonik has been an excellent complementary treatment to what we already offer as well as standing out as a hero treatment for all things inflammatory. It has been perfect for our acne clients as well as helping reduce post-treatment recovery from some of our more aggressive treatments. The ability to treat clients during pregnancy or those who are actively taking Roaccutane means we can support our client’s skin journey at all times.’ – Debbie Thomas, D. Thomas Clinic

‘I am lost for words… my sister has new skin! New skin that she begged me to get for her whilst she has been suffering with an unusual acneic breakout. Liv has had five Byonik Cellular Rejuvenation treatments and her skin is GLOWING!’ – Hollie Bawden, Hollie’s Skincare

‘It’s not often we will introduce a fancy new gadget or treatment in our clinic and there is reason for that… we believe in quality over quantity, if we are putting it on your skin, you better believe it’s going to be amazing and unique!’ – Pamela Marshall, Mortar and Milk

‘For us, Byonik has bridged a gap for patients who don’t want or perhaps need injectable treatments but need the deep hydration and improvement in skin quality the treatment provides. Being able to infuse the skin cell with HA and potent antioxidants, as well as protect telomeres is really quite impressive. The fact that Byonik treatment provides all of these benefits with no discomfort nor down-time for the patient allows us to easily introduce it into treatment plans as either a stand-alone treatment for improving skin quality and health, or to prep the skin to better receive another procedure and/or to help the skin to recover quickly post treatment. The technology and research behind Byonik is not something that should be underestimated and the results speak for themselves.’ – Jane Lewis & Kerri Lewis, The Skin to Love Clinic


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