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Dr Raj Thethi

Dr Raj Thethi MBChB BSc(Hons) MRSCed is an experienced and highly knowledgeable aesthetic doctor based near Leeds. He runs the Yorkshire Skin Centre with his wife Dr Sharan, providing a truly personalised service with all the hallmarks of good practise - you see the same doctor each time, you'll never be pushed into treatments, there's a strong focus on patient safety standards, patient education, there are regular follow-up appointments, and you will always receive a bespoke treatment plan, tailored specifically for your skin.

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Yorkshire Skin Centre
1 Sizers Court
LS19 7DP

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I think most people would agree it’s an important and worrying decision arranging to see a practitioner for non-surgical cosmetic treatments and, if you are like me, you research for the right professional to the nth degree and then pray you have in fact found and chosen the right one and can finally look forward to feeling better about yourself. I am a 50-year old female. I’ve never felt I looked my age, until recently, and this was making me feel low and unattractive in myself. Thankfully, I found exactly what I needed in Dr Raj. I chose him due to his experience and excellent reviews on dermal fillers. I explained that I felt I needed treatment to possibly a few areas of my face. His assessment was brilliant and the whole experience was reassuring, personal and at no stage did I feel rushed. In fact, it was the opposite. He explained it was important not to rush into treatment, it was best to carry it out in at least two stages in order to get the best, natural-looking results.

I had my second and last appointment about a month ago. Both appointments were a month apart and I can honestly say the results just keep getting better. I had DF treatment to my temples, cheeks and lower face and I feel and look considerably naturally younger. The amount of comments I’ve had about how good I look without them having any idea why is completely exhilarating and I believe this is due to the skill of Dr Raj, not just the DF. I’ve had the DF in the past carried out in Harley Street, London but Dr Raj’s results have been far superior. The treatment is not painless, but is perfectly manageable and the results make it all worthwhile.

I have no hesitation in returning to Dr Raj and highly recommend him as an excellent choice for treatments thank you Dr Raj. 

I have been having treatments for a number of years with Dr Raj and I can honestly say he is amazing. Totally professional, extremely talented and very honest. He would only do treatments that he feels will compliment and improve your appearance and, unlike some practitioners, will not just take money off you for unnecessary treatment. He has a wicked sense of humour and always makes you feel totally relaxed and safe, especially in the current climate. I have had issues and insecurities over the years with my looks and Dr Raj has always been so kind and understanding and has shown great empathy. I have had so many fantastic treatments and procedures with amazing natural-looking results. I cannot recommend Dr Raj highly enough.

Let me start by saying this was the first time I have ever had any type of filler treatment done, so I was very nervous. Dr Raj was extremely reassuring and made me feel completely at ease. There was absolutely no pressure to have any time of treatment completed. I had my tear trough field and also supported with cheek filler and have had nothing but compliments from people who say I look refreshed. Dr Raj has a great sense of humour and is the master of injecting but also has the biological knowledge to support this. Overall I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone looking for this treatment and will return when I want something more.

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