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Mr Dean Rhobaye

Mr Dean Rhobaye began his career as a surgeon and has since become an international multi-award-winning specialist in minimally invasive and non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments. The Clinical Director of Sloane Clinic located on Harley Street, Mr Rhobaye specialises in advanced evidence-based aesthetic technologies, regenerative medicine, cosmetic dermatology, and skin health. He has been at the forefront in the development of advanced techniques and concepts in soft tissue augmentation with fillers and is a leading authority in this field.
With over thirteen years of experience in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Mr Rhobaye is considerably skilled in delivering safe treatments to the highest of standards. He has an interest in full facial harmonisation and rejuvenation treatments using minimally invasive techniques. In addition to this, Mr Rhobaye offers a unique perspective on facial aesthetics with skills as an artist and a sculptor, resulting in outstanding and transformative yet natural-looking outcomes.

KOL Ambasador: SkinCeuticals, RevanesseYears practicing: 20

Mr Rhobaye graduated in Medicine and Surgery from University College London in 2004 after also completing a PhD in molecular oncology. Following three years of basic surgical training, he pursued higher surgical training in Plastic Surgery for a further eight years. Thereafter, he completed senior fellowships in oncoplastic and microvascular surgery for a further three years, before working as a reconstructive surgeon for two years as part of the Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Oncoplastic team in the West Midlands.

In 2008, Mr Rhobaye trained to use specialist fillers for soft tissue augmentation while treating patients with acquired facial lipoatrophy, a condition that is characterised by extensive fat volume loss and can be caused by various chronic diseases and medications. Mr Rhobaye’s experience in treating this led to him developing skills and advancing techniques in non-autologous soft-tissue augmentation for other indications, including cosmetic rejuvenation. He has since designed detailed treatment algorithms for region-specific volumetric face restoration and contouring. This interest further developed to soft tissue remodelling, using minimally-invasive technologies such as newer generations of radiofrequency devices.

Mr Rhobaye is committed to further expanding his skill set to provide high-quality treatments to his patients, using the most innovative and cutting edge techniques and technologies. He is a firm advocate for educating patients on the use of evidence-based skincare and is a Key Opinion Leader for several global pharmaceutical companies to develop safe practices for cosmetic filler treatments.

Sloane Clinic
10 Harley Street

Website and Email
[email protected]


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