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How Much do Tweakments Hurt? Here’s the 0-10 Pain Scale

After my article about whether tweakments need to hurt in order to be effective (No Pain No Gain?), some of you have asked how much, on a scale of one to 10,...


Dermatological excellence with Dr Ariel Haus

Moles, melasma, acne, rosacea, sagging jowls and skin-tightening… Dr Haus Dermatology can help on all of these. Halfway up Harley Street, Dr Ariel Haus has...


Tweakments – No Pain No Gain?

Do tweakments need to hurt in order to give you a result? It’s a popular belief among the tweakment-curious, in line with the old adage that you have to


How To Treat Your Hyperpigmentation With Our Favourite Treatments

The clocks have gone back and the nights are getting colder – but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for your sun-damaged skin. If...


Do as I say – not as I do with tweakments

  I’m well aware that I’m always giving you stern advice about tweakments, laying down the law on how you should approach aesthetic medicine and


Discover The Path to Painless Fat Busting and Wellness with Dr Bob Khanna and Emerald Laser

Are you intrigued by the concept of a painless fat-busting laser that also offers regenerative benefits? Join me as I find out about the Emerald Laser and the...


Getting Lip Fillers Right with Alice Henshaw and Restylane Kysse

Harley Street is renowned for its elite practitioners, and Alice Henshaw is among them. As an expert in lip fillers, Alice is dedicated to helping her patients...


If I was in my 50s… which tweakments would I be having?

In your 50s, the big thing that’s going to be affecting your body, your brain and your face, too, is the menopause. If you’re in your 50s, I’m sure you...


How Dr Rekha Tailor gets such natural-looking results

Dr Rekha Tailor is well known in the tweakments industry for creating lovely, natural results for her patients. What are her secrets? I went to visit her


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