How much should I be bothered?

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In this job, one of the occupational hazards is that I am always being told by practitioners what I could do to my face, to improve it (thanks guys!)

What do they suggest? Well, here goes.

If you’re a regular viewer of what I post, you’ll know that I had a big new procedure done six weeks ago, so the ‘What should I do?’ part of this post has been somewhat overtaken by circumstances. But I thought you’d enjoy seeing it anyway!



Here’s a transcript of the video, in case you prefer to read than watch. 

Working in the tweakments business, I am always meeting practitioners who size up my face and then they say, “You know, if you ever wanted to do something about that little bit…”  Then they point out some flaw that I’d been happily unaware of before. And over the course of the past year I’ve ended up with a lot of problems I didn’t know I had before.

So, the question is what should I do about all this? How much should I be bothered about it and what are the kind of things they’re pointing out? Well let’s go from the top…

In the forehead, there are just too many wrinkles, they would like to damp those down. Then there are the wrinkles round the sides of the eyes, and the muscles that pull down the corners of my mouth, they suggest Botox for all of those.

Then there is age-related hollowing in the temples – they’d suggest filler here, and also filler along the cheeks, filler in the lips, filler along the jawline and chin and maybe a bit of light tear trough filler to get rid of the hollows under the eyes.

I’m showing a bit of pigmentation – from sun damage – and flushing and rosacea under the skin, they would like to deal with that. They would like to deal with skin roughness, and with skin dryness, with injections of injectable moisturiser jabs.

As for the facial sagging, maybe I should have a thread lift, those have been suggested – and maybe a neck suspension lift to tighten things up below my chin. Oh, and zap the odd age spot here and there.

I didn’t use to see those things and now I see them the whole time.

All this is really normal, so it’s really difficult to know to what extent should I be bothered about it? Should I do everything and fix all of this? Should I just try and live with it? Where do I start? What do I do? Where do I stop? Where do I draw the line?