Introducing Michael Van Clarke Haircare onto The Tweakments Guide

24th May 2022

I’m so thrilled to announce that we are launching award-winning hairdresser Michael Van Clarke’s ‘healthcare for hair’ products into the shop on The Tweakments Guide. These are my absolute favourites from his range and the selection includes everything from pre-washes to shampoos and conditioners to scalp treatment products. I love the fact that all of these came into being as professional products for use in Michael’s salon.

I sat down with Michael to find out exactly what hair health means to him, how his products make a difference to our hair and what his favourite product is – watch the video below to find out more.

Hair health to me is hair that’s full, supple, resilient, vibrant and it’s very attractive and that’s the hair that grows from the scalp when it’s fresh and if it’s well looked after it stays healthy all the way down to the tips. – Michael Van Clarke

LifeSaver Pre-wash Treatment

A real game-changer. This amazing professional pre-wash treatment gives your hair what it needs to make it glossy, healthy and gorgeous, with ingredients that strengthen, hydrate and protect the hair from root to tip (it helps hydrate the scalp, too). The Hydrabond RxTM complex has super-fine cashmere proteins that repair broken bonds in the hair shaft, so hair becomes stronger with each use, more supple and less likely to split. Suits all hair types, and it’s silicone-free and fragrance-free, too.

I love the way this nourishes, strengthens and hydrates my hair. My hair just drinks this up and I can see and feel the difference.

LifeSaver Ultra Intense Pre-wash Treatment

An ultra-concentrated version of the fabulous LifeSaver pre-wash? Yes, please!

With double the dose of the key ingredient that repairs broken bonds in the hair, this brilliant professional pre-wash treatment is an intense version of the original LifeSaver and will make your hair stronger, smoother and better hydrated through the length of every strand. How to choose between them? This is fab for hair that’s in distress. If your hair is very dry, or has been trashed by over-colouring or too much heat styling, this can make a dramatic difference to its quality, really quickly, and help hair become supple and glossy. Suits all hair types, and it’s free from silicone and fragrance, too.

LifeSaver Deep Sleep Overnight Treatment

The dreamy fragrance wafts me off to sleep while the LifeSaver formula goes to work on my hair.

This scented version of the original LifeSaver transforms the condition of your hair, while the gorgeous fragrance with its sleep-promoting ingredients (there’s lavender and geranium, with a touch of vetiver) encourages deeper, more restful sleep. LifeSaver gives your hair what it needs to make it glossy, healthy and gorgeous from root to tip, and it helps to condition the scalp, too. The Hydrabond RxTM complex has super-fine cashmere proteins that repair broken bonds in the hair shaft, so hair becomes stronger with each use, more supple and less likely to split. Suits all hair types, and it’s silicone-free.

Cashmere Protein UV Protective Shampoo

This is exactly what my coloured hair needs from a shampoo – nourishing, moisturising and with a UV filter to slow colour fade.

An enriching, moisturising shampoo designed to protect against colour fade for those of us who colour our hair. Also, a great choice if you’re lucky enough to live in sunny climes. It contains cashmere amino acid proteins to rebuild the hair’s strength, enabling it to hold onto more hydration. Sunflower extract provides SPF qualities which help the colour stay vibrant for longer. It has a lovely rich lather despite being silicone-free (which is what we want!).

Cashmere Protein UV Protective Conditioner

A hard-working conditioner that does far more than simply smooth the hair – and doesn’t rely on silicones.

This clever conditioner delivers the same cashmere amino acid proteins as its matching shampoo, which get deep into the hair’s structure to rebuild, nourish and strengthen your strands. It also contains the anti-colour fade sunflower extract to keep colour vibrant for longer. Reach your hair’s desired level of smoothing by rinsing out just some or most of the product.

LifeSaver Leave-in UV Styling treatment

I love this – I’ve been using it after conditioner, and it doesn’t weigh hair down at all. I’ve become dependent on it for everyday use, and it’s an absolute must on holiday.
Think of this as a multi-purpose assistant for the hair – it helps with styling while giving hair a dose of treatment and providing that all-important UV protection.

Great at eliminating frizz and helping you achieve a beachy effect – those with wavy or curly hair can use slightly more product to define waves before diffusing or air-drying, and it works just as well with a blow-dry to give the hair a smooth finish.

Magic Oil

This works like a dream to smooth away frizz and create silky hair that swings – and the magic is that, unlike other hair oils, it’s entirely free from silicone.

A lightweight, silky oil made from natural ingredients, this will give you gorgeous hair and help prevent weakening and splitting. Magic oil can be used on wet or dry hair, and it’s really effective without being heavy or sticky. Carrot seed oil and omega-3-rich linseed oil help smooth the hair shafts and eliminate frizz by plumping hair from within, and there isn’t silicone in sight, so it won’t dry out or damage your hair.

Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Clearing away the dead cells and product build-up that can lurk among your follicles makes for a healthier scalp, and that means healthier hair.

Like premium skincare for your scalp, this weekly treatment uses alpha hydroxy acids to banish flaky dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow, so that your hair can grow at its glossy best. As someone who struggles with an itchy scalp, I find this makes my head feel fabulous and fresh, and it’s a doddle to apply.

Exfoliating Scalp Shampoo

I love the way this shampoo deep cleanses my hair and soothes my scalp at the same time. I use it weekly after the Exfoliating Scalp Treatment.

This soothing detox shampoo is formulated for weekly use to bring your scalp back to its best. Alpha hydroxy acids remove the build-up of dead skin cells and sebum that can block follicles, leaving your hair and scalp feeling extra-clean but never stripped. Plus, it has cashmere proteins that reach into the hair shaft to help your hair become stronger and thicker.

We’ve been talking about all these in a lot of detail and you can find those videos in the shop on The Tweakments Guide. So, if you want to know which of those pre-washes you would use, or why you might want to exfoliate your scalp in the first place, or why a hair oil that has no silicones in it will do you a great deal of good, it’s all there.


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