Let’s talk about… Acne Scarring

When you’re left with scars after the acne breakouts have retreated, what are your best options for treatment, and which ones will give the best results? 
This video will give you a quick overview of the options – and there’s a heap more information on my website, plus a free downloadable fact sheet with all the detail of everything I thought you might find useful.


Today, I’m talking about acne scarring, which is really unfair isn’t it? You’ve been through acne, you suffered all those breakouts and then they leave marks afterwards. So, where do you start? I think you’d start with skincare – I would say that, wouldn’t I? You’ll want something that is going to really regenerate the skin from within. That means high strength vitamin C serum in the mornings, with a retinoid or prescription retinoic acid in the evenings because that is going to regenerate the skin deep down and that will help the healing process. And in terms of tweakments, these can be really helpful for acne scarring because they can kick-start that regeneration in the skin. But generally you’re looking at things like a course of skin peels, which will resurface the skin. Or laser, fractional laser that drives down, makes the skin regrow from the inside out. Maybe radiofrequency treatment  — that’s normally thought of as a shrink-wrapping treatment for the skin. But if it’s the kind of radiofrequency that is delivered through needles,  it goes deeper into the skin and that can stimulate growth from the inside out. Clinical microneedling is brilliant on acne scarring. It’s something you would need a course of, so you’d need to commit to doing four or five sessions a month apart. There’s more about this as always on the website, there’s masses of information and a downloadable PDF for you over there. So if you’re struggling with acne scarring and it’s something you can commit to, there is a lot you can do.