Let’s Talk About… Marionette Lines

I’m getting a lot of questions about marionette lines at the moment — the lines that drop from the outer corners of our mouths straight down towards our chin. Maybe that’s because we’re all more gloomy than usual during lockdown, and are catching sight of this in the mirror? 

Marionette lines are hard to love – and once you’ve noticed them on yourself, it’s hard to stop seeing them. So what can you do about them? Using good skincare  – including retinol or a prescription retinoid – to keep your skin as firm as possible is a good start, but it’s not going to get rid of the lines. So in case you want to consider the tweakment options for 

the future, watch the video to see what I would suggest. There’s more about this on my website, via the following link https://thetweakmentsguide.com/concerns/marionette-lines/



Today, I’m talking about marionette lines. Now, these are the ones that are down here, at the sides of the mouth. So if you were a wooden puppet and your jaw was moving like that, they’re  those lines and yes, there are things that you can do about them. Not with skincare, that won’t do much and why we get these lines is a habit thing, due the way we move our faces, as much as anything else.

But with tweakments, if the lines are really deep, you could have some filler injected to soften them and fill them out a bit. That’s a good idea if they’re really deep. For myself, I find what’s more effective is if I  have injections of wrinkle-relaxing toxin, which will address the muscles that are pulling your face down. I have a bit of a habit of doing that, pulling the corners of my mouth downwards and a few injections of that will soften it up, and just make my face look that bit less grumpy. That’s the simplest way of treating your marionette lines.