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AirSculpt: How the Minimally Invasive Alternative To Liposuction Works

29th August 2023

Traditionally, if you wanted to get rid of ‘love handles’, stomach rolls, or other areas of excess fat via cosmetic intervention, you’d need to book in with a surgeon for liposuction. But, while the iconic procedure certainly works, it’s very invasive; requiring general anaesthetic and stitches, which leads to visible scars, and significant downtime.

That’s why it’s exciting when a new tweakment innovation comes along promising a minimally invasive alternative to liposuction. Right now, AirSculpt from Elite Body Sculpture has caught our attention.

Why might AirSculpt be a good alternative to liposuction? 

Unlike liposuction which removes excess body fat using a hollow suction tube inserted under the skin (leading to larger scars and longer-lasting side effects), AirSculpt’s unique technique for permanent fat removal doesn’t require stitches, scalpels, or general anaesthetic.

Instead, it uses innovative spinning technology to pluck out your fat cell by cell, removing it through an opening no larger than a pencil lead. That makes it less invasive, almost pain-free, and the scars are much less noticeable, resembling a chicken pox mark at most.

AirSculpt can also remove the majority of unwanted fat within a single session – up to an impressive five litres of excess fat – and it sculpts and tightens your body too. In fact, the device is able to collect and then transfer fat to lift and shape your breasts, hips, or bottom in a single procedure.

How does it compare to other liposuction alternatives? 

While AirSculpt is slightly more invasive than fat-reducing laser or ultrasound treatments, its results are likely to be much longer lasting. That’s because AirSculpt actively destroys fat cells, while zapping fat using these non-invasive techniques only empties the cells, meaning fat can easily return if a patient gains weight. By using your own fat cells, AirSculpt can also provide more natural-looking body sculpting results, especially compared to silicone or gel injections.

What is it like to have an AirSculpt treatment?

The procedure is relatively speedy, lasting as little as 30 minutes, and you’re actually awake throughout the whole thing. That might sound a little odd, but many patients report feeling much more in control of the process, as their practitioner can talk them through everything in real time. It’s also designed to be comfortable enough for you to listen to music or chat with a friend, as the sensations are similar to a vigorous vibration or deep-tissue massage.

Where can it be used?

As the brand’s saying goes, “If you can pinch it, we can take it,” so you can get AirSculpt pretty much anywhere between your chin and ankles, including your waist, love handles, back, legs and arms.

What’s the downtime like?

Unlike liposuction, recovery from AirSculpt is not gruelling. There are no stitches to take out post-treatment, and the main side effects are minor soreness or bruising, plus the need to wear a compression garment to maximise your results. This may disrupt your routine for around 48 hours, although your practitioner will advise you on your specific treatment plan.

Do the results measure up?

It’s definitely promising. While liposuction takes about six months to heal, AirSculpt can provide visible fat reduction and sculpting results in as little as one to three months, with instant toning benefits too. Your results are also permanent, as long as you keep a healthy-active lifestyle to avoid fat gain in untreated areas.

How much does AirSculpt cost?

Prices start at £8,000.

This article is sponsored by AirSculpt.

To learn more about AirSculpt and to book a consultation at their London clinic, click here.



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