What’s the best injection for wrinkles?

frown lines1

There are several different kinds injections that you could try to soften wrinkles. You could try the obvious kind of anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox. But it depends a bit on the wrinkles.  There are other injections out there, too,  injections which might suit you better. Want to know more? Read on! 


1) Anti-wrinkle injections – best for dynamic wrinkles 

The first kind of injection that people will think of to treat wrinkles is Botox. Botox is a branded form of botulinum toxin A, a nerve toxin. When this is injected into the muscles that, say, are pulling your forehead into a frown, it will reduce their ability to contract.  Botox isn’t the only kind of anti-wrinkle injection. Other brands of wrinkle-relaxing botulinum toxins include BoCouture and Dysport, both of which will do the same job. If you’re wondering what ‘dynamic wrinkles’ are – they are wrinkles that are formed by the dynamic movement of your face. So there isn’t much sign of dynamic wrinkles until you frown, or scrunch your eyes up in a smile, and then these lines spring into focus. 



Filler is another injection that can be used to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Deeper wrinkles that are still prominent even when the face is relaxed may benefit more from being quite literally filled up with a small injection of hyaluronic acid gel, instead of anti-wrinkle injections.  


3) skin reconditioning injections – best for fine lines and crepey wrinkles 

And then there are injections of skin-reconditioning gels such as Profhilo, Volite, Redensity 1 or Skinboosters, which act as injectable moisturiser, and work from the inside out to hydrate the skin, plump up skin cells and stimulate the production of new, skin-supporting collagen and the elastin that keeps skin bouncy and pliable. These injections work to smooth, soften and firm the skin and are best used to counteract crepe-iness, where the skin has begun to look parched, lightly wrinkled and a bit fragile. 



Really, the decision comes down to what your practitioner believes is the most appropriate injection for the results you are looking for. It is really important that during the consultation  you are open and vocal about what exactly you want to achieve. You must make sure that your practitioners doesn’t just inject you in the standard way, but make sure that your treatment is personalised to you – this way you will achieve the best and most natural results.

With that said, no treatment is a ‘magic bullet’, and most practitioners will tell you that you will usually get the best results by combining different treatments, for example, wrinkle softening injections combined with fillers to restore lost volume in the face, plus skin reconditioning injections to improve the health and strength of your skin.