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The pandemic has made tweakments even more popular

16th December 2021

There’s something really interesting going on around the way the pandemic has made people think about tweakments. An unexpected side-effect, if you like.

A lot of people thought that tweakments wouldn’t be so popular after the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. Who would want to travel to clinics in turns to have these procedures that weren’t strictly necessary? Yet, it’s completely the opposite.

Practitioners across the UK have never been busier

All the practitioners I know from the North to the South of the UK, Wales, Scotland, East of England, everywhere, they’ve never been busier. They have got people coming in who have never engaged with tweakments before and the patients who are coming in are wanting more done to their faces.

What do patients want right now?

It’s not just a question of looking ‘more refreshed’, which always used to be the key request. What people want now is to look really good. Maybe they’re fed up with the way they look on endless Zoom calls. Maybe they know these tweakments are going on all around them, but whatever their motivation, somehow the pandemic has accelerated their thinking. Rather than staying in that hesitant, shall-I-shan’t-I mindset, often for years, people are now taking a big leap forward and just booking themselves in for treatment.

Patients used to be so cautious about tweakments

Certainly, with the older tweakments patient — that’s anybody aged 40 or over —  there has always been a lot of caution about engaging with tweakments.  ‘Should I be doing this?’,  they wonder. ‘Is it vanity?’ ‘Should I spend this money on myself?’ ‘What would my friends say?’ ‘Will they judge me harshly for doing this?’

That’s very much the thought process that goes on in many people’s minds. Or at least it used to. And yet somehow now, people are stepping up like never before. They’re coming to me directly and saying, ‘I know all these procedures are out there. I want to try it, and I don’t want to get it wrong, where do I start, and how do I go about it?’.

The past two years have made people think differently

Patients are now booking in to see doctors and nurses and surgeons and saying, ‘Tell me what I need.’ and when the practitioners say, ‘Maybe you need a couple more millilitres of filler to make a significant difference to your face than you thought’, they will absolutely do it. Then they’ll ask, ‘What else can I have while I’m here?’

So, somehow, it’s moved everybody from a state of ‘Maybe, maybe not’, to a mindset of ‘If not now, when?’

It’s made people think, ‘I need to do this, I need to do this now. What am I waiting for?’ It’s really interesting.


If you’re interested in tweakments and would like to find the nearest practitioner who Alice would trust with her face, click here.


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