Why Do People Deny Having Tweakments?

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Most people still do deny having tweakments – even when, to anyone with sharp eyes, it is perfectly obvious that they have done something to their face. Now, why would that be, do you think? There’s a number of reasons.

Your age affects how honest you are about tweakments

Although there is a clear age divide when it comes to honesty about having tweakments. If people are 40 or over they are pretty reticent about aesthetic work. They are cautious about trying these things in the first place, and even more cautious when it comes to discussing them afterwards. They’re worried about what people will think, what the judgement will be from their friends, whether they will be considered vain and silly for spending so much money on their looks. They are even more worried that they may look a bit odd after treatment, which is another reason for keeping quiet about it.  That old stigma hangs around aesthetic procedures. If people do begin to talk about what they have done, they tend to be very coy about it. ‘I might have had a little something…’ they will say. 



Younger people are much more open about what they’ve tried.

Younger cosmetic patients are quite different.  They will probably be talking about the latest procedure they have tried – to anyone who will listen. They’ll be showing it off on social media, they’ll be absolutely delighted to let the world know,  to say, ‘Look at my new cheeks, don’t you like my lips, they’re looking so fabulous.’ They will be showcasing their ‘work’  like a fashion accessory, so they’re not denying it at all. Older people and famous people are, I’ve talked about this before, they are a bit shy about letting people know exactly what they’ve had done. Even if we can see something is going on, that stigma is falling away but it is still there for the older group who are still very cautious.