astalift jelly spoon

What is it? A premium anti-ageing skincare brand from… Fujifilm. Yes, the camera-film company. 

What’s the USP? Cutting edge skincare using high-strength antioxidants. Are there synergies between film and skin? Remarkably, yes.  As well as helping skin counteract the damage done by UV rays, antioxidants help prevent film images from fading in colour, and it is the crossover of the company’s research in this area that has been deployed in the creation of the skincare products.


Hero product? Jelly Aquarysta Reuvenating Concetrate (from £26). It’s classed as a serum though its red- jelly texture is one of its most appealing aspects (especially the way that, when you’ve stirred up the surface, it quietly reforms itself to immaculate smoothness). It’s key ingredient is Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant derived from algae which has been shown to be highly effective at protecting the skin from the damage that UV rays inflict


Why the name? You’d have thought it was because of the astaxanthin, wouldn’t you, but I’m told that in Japanese, ‘asta’ is ‘tomorrow’… while the ‘lift’ bit needs no translation. 

How new is it? already celebrating its first year in the UK, during which time it has been awarded ‘Best Skin Secret’ (Harpers Bazaar Hot 100) and featured in Vogue’s ‘top skincare launches of the last 12 months’. 

I’d try…? The super-powered jelly, though I also love the cleansing oil (Complete Make-Up Remover Oil, £19. For details and stockists, see