Beauty guru of the week: Teresa Tarmey

Who’s Teresa?

A brilliant facialist with 20 years experience of managing skin. She used to suffer with adult acne so is particularly good at helping clear it up, but is best known for her ability to make any face look fresh, rested and radiant in an hour. 

Any famous clients?

You bet. Models, actresses, socialites… they pass her name among them and because of this, and because she is down to earth and friendly and an instinctive networker, her address book is jaw-dropping. Suki Waterhouse and Kate Moss are two fans who don’t mind being mentioned.

 Teresa Tarmey's beautiful clinic in Notting Hill, London Teresa Tarmey’s beautiful clinic in Notting Hill, London

Touchy-feely or clinical? 

Both. She starts treatments by massaging cleansing lotion into the skin (never oils – she hates oils), then follows up with, maybe, a very light glycolic peel to get rid of debris on the skin’s surface, and some extractions to remove gunk that’s trapped in the pores. After that, depending on what your skin needs, she might do some micro-needling to kick-start skin into producing new collagen, or give skin a go with her fractional radiofrequency machine (it tightens the skin, so gives a subtle lift) or calm stressed skin down with 20 minutes under her LED light machine. This has a soothing effect on the skin, though even more soothing are Teresa’s hands when they start on a session of her signature massage, easing tension out of tight jaw muscles, smoothing frown lines, draining away puffiness…

 Teresa's clinic - and on the right that's her and me with my glowing, post-treatment skin Teresa’s clinic – and on the right that’s her and me with my glowing, post-treatment skin

Does she have a waiting list? 

Usually she is pretty booked up, but it is always worth asking – and she has backup from highly skilled associates whom she has trained up to her exacting standards.

For more details, see Teresa’s website,