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Discover The Path to Painless Fat Busting and Wellness with Dr Bob Khanna and Emerald Laser

25th October 2023

Are you intrigued by the concept of a painless fat-busting laser that also offers regenerative benefits? Join me as I find out about the Emerald Laser and the low-level laser technology behind it,  with expert practitioner Dr Bob Khanna, and try out the treatment – just to check that it’s as painless as everyone says.

Emerald Laser: A Game-Changer In Fat Reduction

So, what exactly is the Emerald Laser, and why is it generating so much excitement in the medical aesthetic field? Dr Khanna explains that the Emerald Laser uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT), which is a major shift from previous types of laser fat-busting, which used high-energy treatments that generated head, and that made them painful. Low-level laser therapy, on the other hand, uses non-thermal technology, so it doesn’t generate heat. Instead, it works at the cellular level, creating micropores in the cell membranes of fat cells, which allows fatty content such as free fatty acids and triglycerides to seep out of the cells, and encouraging cells to work more effectively. That, in conjuction with a healthy diet and steady exercise plan, is how the Emerald Laser can help you reach your goals of reducing body fat without surgery, and can effectively treat individuals with a BMI of up to 40 for fat loss and cellulite reduction.

The Painless Approach

A key benefit of the Emerald Laser is that it’s entirely non-invasive – and is entirely pain-free. I found, as I lay under the green beams for the 15-minute treatment session, that I couldn’t feel a thing, but I know, from the sheer amount of research behind this technology, that there is a lot going on. I’m also curious about the wellness benefits that the treatment offers, though I think I’d need a few more sessions to feel those. A course of treatment is usually 8-12 sessions.

Unlocking the Hidden Benefits of Fat Cells

Fat cells play a crucial role in a whole range of bodily functions, from hormonal regulation to immune system support. When fat cells become inefficient and bloated, it can lead to a decline in overall health. The Emerald Laser aims to shrink fat cells, making them more efficient and improving not just your appearance but also your overall wellness. Expect improved energy levels, better sleep and even increased libido.

The hand-held EVRL Device – for pain relief

The EVRL is a hand-held device that also offers low-level laser therapy, and you can see Dr Khanna demonstrating this in the video. The EVRL uses violet light, which targets bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections, and red light which works to reduce pain and inflammation, so it’s great for sore shoulders and knees – and, I’m told, for headaches and hangovers. The light stimulates the mitochondria in the cells within the body, which is what produces the effects.

What’s the difference between LED and LLLT?

The green beams on the Emerald Laser may look like LED light, but in fact they’re quite different and have a different effect on the body.

LED gives out ‘non-coherent’ light – you can think of it as a bunch of light-waves that branch out in all directions from the source – and this scatters when it hits the skin, so it doesn’t penetrate nearly as deeply as laser light. That’s why LED red light treatments are popular for treating the skin, and for wound-healing, by stimulating activity in the skin cells, and reducing inflammation.

Laser light, including LLLT, goes a good bit deeper. Lasers gives out ‘coherent’ light – a bunch of concentrated, tightly packed light waves that stick together, aiming in one direction and penetrate much more deeply into the body. That’s how the green LLLT in Emerald laser is able to reach and affect the fat cells beneath the skin, and how the red and violet LLLT beams in the EVRL device can reduce inflammation and pain in joints.

Dr Bob Khanna’s insights have shed light on this low-level laser therapy. It’s non-invasive, painless and versatile and offers the potential for both shrinking fat cells and enhancing energy levels. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the Emerald Laser and how it might benefit you, click the link here.

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