Perfect matching base.



What is it and what’s the USP? It’s the first make-up line especially formulated for olive skins – from Asian to far eastern, middle eastern and Mediterranean. Unique golden and yellow pigments are used to mimic the natural pigments found in these skin tones, while the formulations also take into account the biophysical characteristics of olive skin and their differing needs. Developed in Italy, the range consists of five foundations, five mineral powder foundations, three powders, three concealers and four blushers. 


Hero product? Invisiwear Liquid Foundation, (£10.50, www.thisisbeautymart.com) – a lightweight and luminous liquid base with light diffusers to unify skin and cover imperfections.


Why the name? Because the brand aspires to be the number ‘1’ brand for ‘exact ‘ make-up.


How new is it? It launched in the UK in April 2013