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Getting Lip Fillers Right with Alice Henshaw and Restylane Kysse

25th October 2023

Harley Street is renowned for its elite practitioners, and Alice Henshaw is among them. As an expert in lip fillers, Alice is dedicated to helping her patients achieve the perfect pout. I went to visit her clinic, Harley Street Injectables, to find out about her approach to aesthetics and watch her at work. With a decade of experience and having completed over 20,000 procedures, Alice has dedicated patients who travel from all around the world to visit her.

‘With lip filler, it’s not one-size-fits-all’

One of the most common concerns among patients seeking lip fillers is the fear of ending up looking unnatural. Most of us have seen overdone lips on social media – and on celebs – which is enough to make anyone apprehensive. To address these concerns, Alice emphasises the importance of understanding each patient’s objectives and assessing their facial proportions and symmetry. She believes in managing expectations by having a thorough discussion what can realistically be achieved. Rather than attempting drastic transformations, Alice prefers to take a gradual approach to lip enhancement, typically starting with small volumes like 0.8ml. She assures her patients that even a small amounts like this can make a significant difference, thanks to the hyaluronic acid’s ability to draw water towards it.

Choosing The Right Lip Filler

The secret behind Alice’s success in lip enhancement lies not only in her expertise but also in her choice of filler. She uses Restylane Kysse  — a specialised filler designed to provide a soft, natural feel and appearance. It is flexible and versatile, allowing for precise application and natural-looking results. Alice firmly believes in using the right product for the right purpose, pointing out to patients that you need different, appropriate fillers for each area of the face.

What do lip fillers feel like – to your partner?

A question that often arises with lip fillers is how they will feel afterwards. Alice highlights a study conducted by Restylane, which found that nine out of ten partners of those treated with Restylane Kysse appreciated not only the improved appearance but also the natural feel. This research underscores that lip fillers done right shouldn’t feel odd either to you or to anyone kissing you!  

What The Treatment Looks Like

To demonstrate her techniques, Alice shared Hazel’s treatment, a client she treated four months ago. Hazel had previously undergone lip filler treatments that needed correction. Alice dissolved the existing filler and re-treated her, resulting in impressive yet natural-looking lips. During this filming session, Alice focused on fine-tuning Hazel’s lips by addressing subtle differences between the upper and lower lip.

If you’re thinking about enhancing your lips, remember Alice’s advice: trust an experienced practitioner, choose the right filler, and look forward to a natural result that highlights your unique beauty. To discover more about Restylane Kysse, click here.

This article is sponsored by Galderma 


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